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Great Deals on the Apple Watch Series 3 – Up to 20% Off and Thousands of Airline Miles!

deal on apple watch series 3
Written by Charlie

Get some great deals on the Apple Watch Series 3 – up to 20% off and you can earn thousands of miles! This is great as a gift or for yourself as you can even get the LTE models for 20% off!

If you were sitting and waiting to see what was coming with the latest Apple WatchOS (up to 5 now), maybe you are ready to jump on a deal for one! No, they did not put the things in the new WatchOS 5 that I said could tear people away from Garmin, but the Apple Watch is still a great device – for Apple users.

Great Deals on the Apple Watch – Up to 20% Off and Thousands of Airline Miles!

These deals do not rank up with the incredible stacking deal last month, but they are close! If you want miles instead of cash back (especially for redeeming in business class), this will be an even better deal.

apple watch series 3 deals

Apple retailers have a sale going on right now of $50 off the Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatches. Match that sale with a shopping portal deal and you can get some nice savings.

The Best Deal – With Nike at 20% Off and 10X Miles

Apple Watch Series 3 Deals

But, the best deal is going to be through Nike again – if you don’t mind choosing from available models they have. They have a 20% discount code and you can earn some nice miles.

The shopping portal offer to choose is American Airlines. They are offering 10 miles per dollar at Nike and they have the coupon code on their page (which means you are eligible to use it and still get the miles).

There are not all styles available at Nike – right now. But, you can get the LTE models (best for resale and nice to have in case you want to activate that at some point) in both 38mm and 42mm. Use code 20Summer at checkout to get 20% off.

You will pay $343 for the 42mm Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE – down from $429! Plus, you will earn 3,430 American Airline miles – not bad!

Other Retailers

You can also get $50 off other Apple retailers – like Macys. Unfortunately, though there are nice bonuses from Macys through United (10x miles + 1,000 miles for spending $300 or more), Macys does not pay out for Apple devices.

apple watch series 3 deals

You can also check out Best Buy. All of these retailers have $50 off the Apple Watch Series 3 watches. You can take advantage of each store’s membership programs/reward program to get maximum savings. One good thing to check with Best Buy is their open box deals. You may be able to get even better savings with them.

Enjoy the savings – whether you get them for a dad in your life or for yourself. 🙂

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  • I’ve been eyeballing 42mm cell for a while… couldn’t pull the trigger on recent ebay 20% flash sale. I was sitting on ton of ebay giftcards purchased at discount. This is a nice… if not better deal. I get charged with sales tax… so there is nearly 10% but Gyft is running promotions right now, buy $100 and you get extra $10 nike giftcard and I still earn 5x UR points on paypal/ink route. My total came out to be $378.55 and I paid it with nike gift card purchased at $340.70 essentially (bought $440 worth of cards for $400) and $340 will get me 1700 UR points valued at $30 (1.8c/p) and 3430 AA miles valued at $51 (1.5c/mi). Which brings it down to $259 final or $340 and I’ve earned free 1700 UR points and 3450 AA miles which ever you slice it. Pretty good deal in my book.