Apple Watch Series 2 Sale – Should You Buy or Wait?

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Written by Charlie

The Apple Watch Series 2 sale is going on now and is a nice discount. But, should you buy or wait with the Apple Watch 3 likely in the wings?

Given the amount of people that continue to search for and ask questions about using the Apple Watch Series 2 for things like running, it is clear that there is still a lot of people that are interested in the Apple Watch Series 2! Thankfully, we have a new sale this week that brings this watch back down to $299 and $329 for the 38mm and 42mm sizes. But, should you buy or wait?

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Apple Watch Series 2 Sale

apple watch series 2 sale

Link: Apple Watch Series 2 Sale

Target is again running an Apple Watch Series 2 sale that cuts the price by $70 on all of the models in that family. The 42mm size is marked down to $329 and the 38mm size is marked down to $299.

It is a pretty nice deal to get the full-featured Apple Watch Series 2 for under $300 (if you go for the smaller screen). If you have been checking them out, it could be a price point that will work for you.

Should You Buy or Wait?

Now we come to the big question – should you buy an Apple Watch Series 2 right now, even on sale, or should you wait? The new Apple reveal on the upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S Plus and 7S will be coming up, most likely in the middle of next month. Along with the new iPhones, there are strong reports/rumors that a new Apple Watch will be dropping them as well and, like iPhone upgrades, this will be a new take on design and specs.

One of the rumored bits with the new Apple Watch is the addition of a cellular radio built-in. This means you can go untethered from your phone and stream data and even make phone calls while out without your phone. This is obviously something that will suit runners the most but I am sure many will appreciate being able to run out to the store or something and not having to carry a phone.

Why Wait If You Don’t Care?

Even if you have no desire to go for the newest and latest Apple Watch when it comes out, you still may want to wait. When the Apple Watch Series 2 came out last year, it was possible to pick up the stainless steel Apple Watch (original) for under $200 from Best Buy! That was a great buy! We should see more discounts on the current Apple Watches after the new ones are released. The best deals will likely be the open-box models from Best Buy when the prices drop – you could get the Apple Watch Series 2 for as little as $220, potentially.

But, there is also an argument that the price may not drop that much lower than it is during this sale. The reason for my guess on that is that the original Apple Watch took a price hit because the newest Apple Watch (Series 2) had waterproofing and GPS built-in, something that many people wanted. That made it a huge upgrade. If you don’t care so much about a redesign or built-in cellular, then this deal may be good.


Either way, this Apple Watch Series 2 sale will run through the end of the week and that should just about put us 30 days from the Apple event. I would suggest that you wait until the end of the week to buy as you should be within your return window if Apple does their event around the normal time they do it.

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