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This Could Be Huge – Apple Introducing Person-to-Person Payments

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Written by Charlie

Apple will be introducing Apple Pay Person-to-Person payments in the upcoming iOS 11. This can be a huge help when you use your credit cards!


Apple’s WWDC17 keynote is going on right now and there were a few things that I found to be interesting and just heard something that I think could be huge for those of us that use credit cards for rewards.

Apple Introducing Person-to-Person Payments

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Person-to-Person payments coming in iOS 11!

They will be releasing iOS for mobile devices in the form of iOS 11 this fall (public beta this month). One of the exciting features will be the integration of Apple Pay into iMessages for person-to-person payments.

The screenshots they showed did say it can use debit cards or credit cards. From there, it puts it on an Apple debit card that can be used for purchases online or it can be transferred to your bank account.


The thing that will remain to be seen will be how the fees are handled. Recent rumors said that there will not be any charge for either person but Apple may put a little charge on it when the Apple debit card is used for retailers (when using Apple Pay at stores). If true, it means that you will not be charged at all for doing person-to-person payments.


I doubt Apple is going to just let this go wild so I am guessing there will be a cap on it or a cap per transaction since it is more for paying friends and family for things than huge purchases. But, even a capped amount could still be a big help.

For example, the new US Bank Altitude Reserve gives 3 points per dollar for mobile payments like Apple Pay. So, paying friends and family will earn you 3 points per dollar! Also, you can use any card to earn more points this way as well. This should be quite useful to meet certain spending thresholds and to help with sign-up bonuses.

There will be more information coming this month but I think this could be a big deal going forward! However, it will only be available on Apple devices so that might be how Apple deals with the fees as well since it is people locked into their own systems.


One thing that would be great would be if Apple allowed their iTunes gift cards to be loaded to their Apple debit card. Since you can buy those at discounts like 20% off and with 5X bonus cards, that would be even better! However, I doubt that will happen. One can hope!!! 🙂

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    • I mean, Apple is such a huge company, they could show that little market of their users a little free love, right? 🙂

  • Great info! Can you point in the direction of a discount iTunes card that counts for 5x…. TY

  • Not a chance. There will be a fee in line with any other credit card P2P service such as Paypal and Venmo. You are delusional if you think otherwise.

    • The other, recent rumors about this new implementation were all correct so the fee-free part on consumers may be as well. But, it would definitely have a cap on it if that is the case or there will be a charge to move it to your bank account. Either way, Apple is in more of a unique situation than the other companies since this will be done within their own ecosystem and they can find ways to make this beneficial for them while negotiating rates like they did for regular Apple Pay.