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Which Airline is the “World’s Most Trusted Airline?”

With the round of devaluations that have occurred, both on the redeeming end and earning end – Delta here and here, United here and here, American and US Airways here – domestic airlines may be losing consumer trust. With frequent flyer programs, the point had been to reward travelers who put their loyalty and trust in an airline. The problem is that the airlines have begun to shift away from rewarding for loyalty and now reward based on value of the customer.

World’s Most Trusted Airline

So, what does it take to be the “World’s Most Trusted Airline?” I would think communication to travelers about changes would be paramount. I would also think that an award calendar that showed actual availability and ease for the traveler would be high on the list as well. Other than those things, what requirements would you put on the “World’s Most Trusted Airline?”

Believe it or not, an airline is allowed to just make that claim and then file for a trademark to be the one to use that title. That’s right, if you think of it first and can file quickly, you could have the World’s Most Trust Airline! 🙂 At least that is what Delta Airlines has done. They filed on June 3 to have the trademark for the “World’s Most Trusted Airline” in all areas of air transportation. Yes, they carried more passengers than any other US airline for four straight years, but does that translate to being the most trusted airline? How about the WORLD’s most trusted airline? That is kind of like the MLB’s World Series only being available to US teams. 🙂

Anyone surprised by this move on Delta’s part or think its arrogant? Which airline would you see earning that title? I know one thing – with American and US Airways award changes a couple of months ago, they certainly do not deserve that title!

HT: Atlanta Business Chronicle

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  • I certainly trust Delta. I know for a fact that they will retime any connecting flight I have booked so that I will now arrive at least 4 hours later. Since the first flight has not changed, this cannot be modified via their website for free, so it forces you to deal with a mediocre, at best, agent who will constantly attempt to charge money to make a change. There are so few things you can bank on, that this trust is why I no longer fly Delta.