Airline Deal of the Year: Get 90,000 Avios at Very Cheap Prices!

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This could be the airline deal of the year! Earn up to 90,000 Avios at very cheap prices with this awesome promo. But, check it out and act fast as it expires tomorrow night! There are a lot of great values to be had so time to move!

This will likely be looked at as the airline deal of the year for sure! Until tomorrow evening, you have the chance to take advantage of this special promo that will let you earn up to 90,000 Avios at very cheap prices.

Airline Deal of the Year: Get 90,000 Avios at Very Cheap Prices!

Link: Iberia Promo (must book through this link)

Ok, I know I am a bit of a Johnny-come-lately on this deal as many blogs covered it yesterday and I have not been on my computer much at all in the last couple of days (in fact I am typing this on my tablet right now!). Because of that and because many blogs have already done some fantastic posts on this, I will give some of the promo details and direct you to some other blog posts that may help as you decide whether to take advantage of this awesome Avios promo.

Details of this Avios Promo

Avios are the airline currency of both British Airways and the Spanish airline, Iberia. Most of you are likely familiar with the British Airways Avios but this promo is for the Iberia Avios (important to know for spending purposes as well).

Like BA Avios, Iberia Avios are redeemed on a distance basis instead of a region basis. This means that if you want to go to a far-away land, it will cost you quite a few more Avios than short-haul flights. So, 90,000 Avios are a nice amount to help you get to where you want to go.

This promo comes down to this – Iberia Plus will give Iberia Plus members 9,000 Avios per paid flight booking. This works for up to 10 bookings (so, 90,000 Avios maximum through this). Here is the beauty of this promo:

  • The paid flights can be one-way flights
  • The paid flights can be in any class
  • The paid flights do not even need to be flown
  • The paid flights cannot be cancelled (or the Avios will be deducted)

That’s right – you can book the cheapest possible Iberia flights available and get the Avios – without ever flying those cheap tickets you booked! 

There are some flights available for under $30 each so that means you could max out this promo for under $300!

Here are a few more things about this promo:

  • Those paid tickets must be booked by midnight tomorrow night (June 24)
  • The Avios must be used before December 1
  • The Avios from this promo cannot be transferred to British Airways
  • You will receive these promo Avios within 10 days of booking the flights

As you can see, there are some details to be aware of but it is important to know that this promo is not something catching Iberia by surprise in how it is being used. Iberia has confirmed to many people, on Twitter and on the phone, that these details are all true and those cheap tickets will trigger the Avios promo!

Find Cheap Flights and Get Started!

To get started finding your cheap Iberia flights, check out this Google Flights page and tweak whatever you need. Remember, you technically do not need to fly these segments (though it may be a good idea to book for after you plan on redeeming the Avios in case Iberia does try to change their minds on anything).

Blog Posts to Check

There it is! Check it out and see if this could be an unbelievable deal for you – and the family! Please excuse any mistakes in this post as it can sometimes be difficult to do these on a tablet. 🙂

This is certainly going to be one of (if not THE) airline deal of the year!

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  • What happens if I just booked through the website? I did it through my phone so I did not access that link directly.