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Aegean Award Flights Not Showing On United – Here’s What To Do

Written by Charlie

As someone who uses Aegean Airlines as his airline for travel to almost any hub, I am very thankful for their particpation in the Star Alliance and as partners with United. It gives a lot of choices for people coming to visit me and for my trips out of here, but on a recent award booking attempt, I found a problem.

Aegean Award Flights Not Showing On


For some strange reason, no Aegean Airline award space is showing on from September 6 through the end of the schedule next year. This had happened once before and for some reason, Aegean had pulled its award space to partners. I was really dreading something like that happening again. During peak months, it is still easy to get in and out of Greece using partners like Swiss, Turkish, and Austrian. But, once the cooler months settle in, it is really just down to Turkish and that means having multiple connections around Europe if there is not award space out of Istanbul to the US.

I called United to see if they could see it and, fortunately, they are able to see and book the award space as it shows on Aegean’s website. They are not sure why it is not showing and hopefully it is just a glitch that will clear up. But, in the meantime, if you are trying to book any award travel into Europe and plan on visiting Greece, don’t believe The availability is there but it is just not showing online.

Here’s What To Do

I had a very friendly agent that willingly checked through a few options with me and he was able to see everything that I saw over on Aegean’s website for award travel. If you want to make sure there is truly award space for your preferred itinerary, go to Aegean’s award site – here – and sign in.


Search Aegean’s website to find award availability before calling United

At the top near your name, use the drop down menu and select Request Award Ticket. This will bring you to the next window that allows you to search for your award. Note: You can only book Aegean flights online at Aegean’s website so do not try to search for other airlines for award space. Also, to view award space, you will need to have enough miles in that account.


Once you select your date on the calendar, it will show you the various award seats available. Anything in the first row or the row for business class will be able to be seen by United and you can call them to book your ticket. United’s number is 800-421-4655.

If you do not have the miles with Aegean to view flights, it is ok. Just give United a call and be prepared to have to walk through a couple of options. But, they should be able to see all the proper award availability. Just let them know that it is not bookable online so that they waive the $25 phone booking fee.

This is an annoyance but hopefully it is a glitch that clears up quickly. In the meantime, at least you can book it calling in to United.


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