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This Carryon Will Carry You Around

briefcase electric
Written by Charlie

Luggage is an area where tech has been attacking hard lately – like the Bluesmart carryon. I always love seeing technological advances that can make life be more connected and help with saving time. This new piece of tech luggage is one that I would hope I would never see a fellow runner using, unless it is on the way home from a marathon!

Briefcase Electric Scooter

briefcase electric

The bag that can carry you

This idea is actually pretty smart and the product description is pretty surprising for what it can do. This piece of luggage does not simply carry you from the security area to the gate, it can go for 6 miles on one charge! Not only that, but it can do it with some zip – top speed is 12.4 mph!

This bag could really carry you around anywhere you need to go. Imagine arriving in a new city and being a little jetlagged. Let your bag carry you to your hotel! The height is adjustable to suit various users and you can even buy a model with solar panels on top to allow for constant charging. Otherwise, it has a compact charger that is good with international voltages.

The price is high – $599 for the model sans solar panels – and it is not a design that jumps out to me as being really great. But, the thing carries you around! If interested, check out the manufacturer’s website – here. The company is called CoolPeds and the bag’s actual name is the “Briefcase Electric Scooter.” Certainly a different take on the mobile bag and one which I will look forward to seeing the wild some day.

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