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Aegean Airlines Halts Mileage Transfers – For Now

Written by Charlie

Aegean Airlines has suspended the ability to do mileage transfers – for now. Find out what this is and how it may impact you.

A couple of years ago, Aegean started allowing all members to pay a very low fee (€15) to transfer up to 50,000 miles at one time (and up to 50,000 per member to send or receive per year). This made it much easier to accrue Aegean miles, especially with sales and sign-up bonuses like this.

Aegean Airlines Halts Mileage Transfers

However, as of today, November 23, Aegean announced that they were halting these mileage transfers. Here is exactly what they said:

Transfer miles service is currently suspended

We would like to inform you that transfer miles service is not available until further notice.

Soon it will be available again so that you can transfer miles to other members of the program.

My guess is it is one of two things. The old renewal date for legacy Aegean members (before they overhauled the program a few years ago) is today and tomorrow. I am not sure why they would be stopping it for that reason because if someone had elite status, they can still do pooling with five other members for free.
The other reason could be related to the sign-up bonus they are running today as well as, what I expect, a mileage sale this weekend. They have done this several times over the past couple of years and transferring miles is a way to get around the mileage limits for purchase.
At any rate, if you are trying to transfer miles to another member for now, it is not possible. Hopefully they will start it again soon.
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