A Trick for Cheaper Netflix Has Ended – With One Big Exception

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For a long time, it has been possible for people to get cheaper Netflix subscriptions with discounted iTunes gift cards. Now, for all new customers, that trick has ended. Find out what you need to know if you are a current subscriber so that you don’t miss out!

A couple of months ago, I began hearing some noise about Netflix and Apple parting ways for in-app subscriptions. It was on a test basis for certain countries. Unfortunately, that has rolled out globally now and it shuts the door for any one that wants to start saving on Netflix subscriptions.

A Trick for Cheaper Netflix Has Ended – With One Big Exception

What is the “Trick” for Cheaper Netflix?

Thanks to frequent sales and deals on iTunes gift cards, it is possible to get them for anywhere from 15-20% off the actual value of the card. With that discount, you can then take advantage of that savings for things like movies, books, tv shows – and in-app payments and subscriptions.

Netflix had, for a while, allowed people to use the in-app feature for paying for subscriptions. This meant that you could always get a discount on your Netflix subscription as long as you loaded up those discount iTunes gift cards and paid in-app for the subscription.

What Has Changed?

Because Apple takes a hefty cut (30%) on in-app purchases and other things through the Apple apps network, Netflix decided they had enough of losing that kind of money on the subscriptions. Now, if you are a new customer to the iTunes billing method for in-app payments for Netflix, you will not be able to do it through the app. Instead, you need to sign-up online and then sign in through the app.

What is the Big Exception?

The big exception is that Netflix will continue to allow subscribers who already pay through the app to continue to use the app-based payment through iTunes. This is great news for anyone that is already saving money using this little trick. The catch is that if you let cancel for over a month, you will not be able to pay through iTunes again. So, don’t cancel your Netflix account if you pay through iTunes for your subscription!

This means that if you are a current Netflix customer and have paid through the app and iTunes, don’t stop if you don’t want to lose this cheaper avenue for Netflix access.

For many, having Netflix is a travel necessity. Of course, the content changes as you travel around the world but you can always download from a large library of content to your device for viewing first. This is nice for those airlines that have no in-flight entertainment or very poor in-flight entertainment.

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