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4 Great SPG Moments Packages To Check Out – Great Hotels Around the World!

Written by Charlie

Check out these 4 great SPG Moments packages that could get you some amazing hotel stays and suites at great point prices! Not only that, but you could also get fantastic experiences with them like dinner 150 feet in the sky, photography classes in the desert, and more!

This is the time of year that SPG begins to really load up on some nice SPG Moments packages. Some of them are really good values when you consider what they offer but there are a few you cannot tell the value of until the auctions end. Still, I have watched many go for less than the cost that basic rooms at the hotels included go for! That means you can really get some nice deals on your stays. With all of that said, here are 4 great SPG Moments packages that just went up recently for you to consider.

4 Great SPG Moments Packages to Consider

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Hotel Grande Bretagne – Athens, Greece

Link: SPG Moments Dinner in the Sky

What Is Included:

  • Dinner in the Sky experience at the Technopolis in Gazi, Athens, on June 2nd, 2018, at 8:00 p.m.
  • A two-night stay in a Deluxe room at the Hotel Grande Bretagne, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Athens in Greece, checking in Friday, June 1st, and checking out Sunday, June 3rd, 2018
  • Daily breakfast and complimentary Wi-Fi during your stay at the Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens
  • Private complimentary transportation from and to the airport (ATH)
  • Private complimentary transportation from and to the Technopolis, Gazi
  • Experience is for two people

Auction Details:

  • End Date:18 May 2018 – 07:00 AM EDT
  • Starting Bid: 26,000 Starpoints
  • Bid Increment: 500 Starpoints
  • Current High Bid: 26,000 Starpoints (at the time of this post’s writing)


My wife and daughter did this package a couple of years and loved it – and both of them are not fond of heights! This dinner takes place 150 feet in the air but they still loved it and had a great time. The hotel was terrific in hosting all of the people and my wife was even able to speak with the manager at the dinner for a while as he went around to check on everyone’s experiences.

We paid 45,000 Starpoints 2 years ago (around that, I think) and it went for only about 28,000 points last year. As for the cost, it is 25,000 points per night regularly and it would cost over $915 for the room and breakfast package on this trip. The dinner itself sells for about $130 per person so tack on another $260 to your total with this value. Finally, the transportation was a big deal for my wife and it was a help to let her and our daughter enjoy their special trip a bit more since they did not have to worry about how they would get around. All in all, if you spend about the same as I did for it before (45,000 Starpoints), I think you would be getting a pretty good deal and would find the experience very special!

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The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al-Khaimah – Al Wadi Desert, United Arab Emirates

The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al-Khaimah

Link: See the World Through a New Lens – Master Class in the Al Wadi Desert

What Is Included:

  • Photography Master Class in the Al Wadi Desert with UAE based photographer Paul Macleod
  • Private and fully customizable photography lesson that includes landscape, lighting, wildlife and sunset photography
  • Private session with a Royal Shaheen falcon handler
  • Single-night stay at The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al-Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert in a luxury tented pool villa (Dates subject to availability)
  • Dinner for two at Farmhouse (Half board menu provided)
  • Buffet breakfast at the hotel
  • Valet parking included
  • Buggy and driver transportation provided for the duration of your stay
  • Experience is for two people
  • Valid for June 4 – December 20, 2018

Auction Details:

  • End Date:1 Jun 2018 – 12:00 PM EDT
  • Starting Bid: 15,000 Starpoints
  • Bid Increment: 500 Starpoints
  • Current High Bid: 15,500 Starpoints (at the time of this post’s writing)


This property by itself goes for 50,000 Marriott Reward points (so 16,666 Starpoints when transferred from your SPG account to Marriott at 3:1). That means the current bid is just below what you would pay for a night at this property. But, if you are a photography fan, this would be a really nice package to get. Not only would you get a Master Class lesson (customizable since it is just for the two of you) in areas that include landscape, lighting, wildlife, and sunset photography, you would also get your dinner and buffet breakfast as well as other perks.

One of the unique things about this package is the ability to select your night of stay from June 4 – December 20. Normally, these experiences are for specific dates but this package lets you select your dates. At the rate of 16,666 Starpoints, it could be a nice deal to book another night or two at this property to go along with this.

The Augustine, a Luxury Hotel – Prague, Czech Republic

Link: Get 360-Degree Views of Prague As You Stay and Dine at The Augustine

What Is Included:

  • Two nights (of guests selection) in the Tower Suite at The Augustine, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Prague*
  • A dining experience with Chef Marek Fichtner
  • Degustation of Angel’s Cocktails
  • Experience is for two people
  • Guest may choose their dates of stay between 6/1 – 8/31. Blackout dates include June 6-10, June 16-27, June 28 – July 3, August 17

Auction Details:

  • End Date: 21 May 2018 – 03:30 PM EDT
  • Starting Bid: 36,000 Starpoints
  • Bid Increment: 500 Starpoints
  • Current High Bid: 38,500 Starpoints (at the time of this post’s writing)


Again, this is yet another SPG Moments package that lets you select the dates that work the best for you – between June 1 and August 31 (with some blackout dates). That is really nice so that you can actually plan a trip farther out in advance than the usual close-in auctions.

This property normally goes for 16,000 Starpoints per night but this is for the more luxurious Tower Suite which cannot be booked with points. As a matter of fact, this room (on random dates during the booking period) goes for over $700 more per night than the room that is bookable with points! Adding two nights up brings us to the grand total of $3,300 at today’s exchange rate to Euros!

On top of that nice suite, you also get the special dining experience. Couple all of that with the selectable dates and this package would likely be worth even up to 50,000 Starpoints (or more, depending on how bad you want that suite!).

The Ritz-Carlton Abama – Tenerife, Canary Islands

Link: Indulge in a Culinary Island Retreat

What Is Included:

  • 2-night stay at Tagor´Villa Adults only deluxe room, to enjoy from August 29th to the 31st, 2018
  • 7-course tasting menu diinner + appetizerz + desserts, by 8-Michelin star Chef Martín Berasategui – with appetizers and talk with the Chef, at his 2 Michelin Star restaurant M.B
  • Tasting menu dinner at japanese fusion 1 Michelin Star Kabuki
  • Cocktail workshop at Kabuki for two
  • Daily breakfast at El Mirador
  • Private Buggy to enjoy during your stay

Auction Details:

  • End Date:31 May 2018 – 12:00 PM EDT
  • Starting Bid: 10,000 Starpoints
  • Bid Increment: 500 Starpoints
  • Current High Bid: 14,000 Starpoints (at the time of this post’s writing -there are two packages available)


This Ritz Carlton requires 100,000 points for the stay but can be booked at 80,000 for the stay (which equals 26,666 Starpoints) – for the regular room. This package includes the more deluxe Adults Only Villa which would cost $1,200 for the two nights at today’s exchange rate.

On top of the fact that you cannot book this room with points, you would also get a fantastic 7 course tasting dinner and other food delights. Throw in the private buggy and you have yourself a pretty special, private getaway! My wife and I visited Tenerife years ago and thought it was really a beautiful location. If you want to enjoy it, this could be a fantastic package. Even at 30,000 Starpoints, you would still be probably getting an incredible deal.


SPG Moments are a very special way to get some extra value from your SPG Starpoints, for sure! I love what is possible with them and these are just 4 great packages to check out to see if they fit in your schedule. Either way, if these look attractive to you but the time is not right, keep collecting those Starpoints so that you can jump on later packages!

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