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3 Great Things About the New Amex Blue Business Plus Card

blue business plus
Written by Charlie

The new Amex Blue Business Plus card is out and it is a great card to get! Find out about 3 special things with this new card and why you should consider it.


I wrote earlier about the new Amex Blue Business Plus card. It isn’t a game-changer in the sense that the some other cards have been but it does have some awesome aspects to it that should definitely cause you to take a look at it!

3 Great Things About the New Amex Blue Business Plus Card

1. 2X Points Everywhere (Up to $50,000 in a year)

amex blue business plus

Get 2X points on all purchases – up to $50K in a year!

This moves this from just another credit card to one that is perfect for all non-bonus category spending. Yes, there is a cap but that just shows that American Express has actually thought through what kind of reward they are interested in giving. A cap like this should prevent them from pulling a move later on like they did with the 50% rebate on the big business brother – Business Platinum card.

Membership Rewards has a lot of partners to transfer to so you can really take advantage of this double point earning when it comes time for your redemptions! Since it is a business card directed at small businesses, hitting the cap may not be too difficult for most so that means a nice 100,000 Membership Reward points from this card alone every year – not counting any bonus opportunities that come with Amex Offers! That can get you almost a roundtrip business class ticket between the US and Europe with Aeroplan!

Very happy with the 2x points everywhere and this will become our new favorite card to use for retailers where we do not already receive bonuses.

2. Hybrid Card

This is a credit card which means it has a credit limit. But, Amex is actually offering the opportunity for cardholders to blow past that credit limit when they need to. This enables business owners to not feel constrained by the credit cap and they can take advantage of using the card to buy what they need, when they need to buy it. The catch is that whatever is on the card over the limit must be paid by the due date (like a charge card). So, this card performs like a credit card but also has a nice side of charge card to it when it matters. Very nice to have!

3. No Fee Membership Rewards Card

amex blue business plus

Membership Rewards Airline Partners

This is actually a two part but it is linked. Getting a no annual fee business card is a great thing to do since you can just keep it and never have to worry about debating if the card is worth the fee! To have such a card that can keep your Membership Reward points alive when closing high fee cards just makes it that much better! This is definitely a card that we will hold on to – for a very long time. Yes, it does count toward your 4/5 Amex card total but I think it is worth keeping for the very fact that it could be one of the most valuable no annual fee cards you will have.

And, of course, having another American Express card means more Amex Offers for you! Not only that, but some of the best offers tend to be for Membership Reward-earning cards and/or business cards. This ticks both boxes so you should be able to get some great deals!

But, be aware! It does have a 2.7% foreign transaction fee so leave this card at home when you are on your foreign trips!


Before I even wrote my first post, I went ahead and got this card. It is really a no-brainer for most people and the 20,000 point sign-up bonus is really just gravy. That is actually something that shows what a great card it is – that some people may have been willing to sign up without a sign-up bonus (except for that pesky credit pull!). I am really looking forward to earning 2X Membership Reward points at a variety of shops and am happy to have this card for when we do shut down our Business Platinum card when that fee is up.

What do you think about the new Amex Blue Business Plus card? Have you applied for it?

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