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Uber Free To Operate In Italy – Again

Written by Charlie

As of yesterday, Uber is once again free to operate in Italy. This is great news for people that love using the app-based service and will be in Italy.


A couple of months ago, I wrote how Uber had been banned from operating in Italy. This made a lot of people pretty upset, tourists and citizens alike.

Uber Free To Operate In Italy – Again

Well, as of yesterday, an Italian court overturned the ban that had prevented Uber from operating within Italy and now Uber is able to offer its app-based services yet again.

Of course, the taxi drivers are pretty upset about this. In fact, back in February, they had a 6 day strike. I understand the reasons behind strikes but it seems to be rather counterproductive to have a strike about your competitors – while the strike just drives your customers to your competitors.

I think this is great news for all the tourists that will be visiting Italy this summer. Not only does it allow tourists to not have to deal with cash on the roads but it also offers up a competitive, familiar service that people will feel comfortable with. I doubt the taxi companies will let this go and the government has promised that rules and regulations will be offered up by the end of the year to deal with both the taxi companies and their competition.

Why Uber?

I know that I have enjoyed the accessibility and option of having Uber in cities that I visit. It is not that I am anti-taxi/livery service but more that Uber is a constant. I know the app, I can pay in the app and not have to have the right foreign currency for the ride, I can select my destination on the app and see afterwards if the driver tried to take advantage – it is just familiar. I think if there was more uniformity or a streamlining of taxi-apps to help you in the same fashion, people may not mind using taxis as much.

Source: Business Insider

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