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$2,000 a Night Holiday Inn? Yes, There Is Such a Thing!

$2,000 a night Holiday Inn
Written by Charlie

If you have ever wondered how expensive some hotels could get, check out this $2,000 a night Holiday Inn in Houston, thanks to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LI is just a little over a week away and that means that hotels in the Houston area have all but been snatched up. There are still some rooms in the downtown area left, but they will cost you a lot of money – I mean, a lot of money! Like, how about $2,000 a night Holiday Inn hotel? Yep! I have stayed in some $2,000 a night hotel rooms but never one that was a Holiday Inn!

$2,000 a Night Holiday Inn

Link: Holiday Inn Hotel Downtown Houston

The Holiday Inn on Main Street in downtown Houston is currently selling their last remaining rooms for over $2,000 a night! How much do rooms normally go for when the Super Bowl is not in town? The very next Sunday night is available for only $162 for the night! That means it is an increase of 1,300% for the privilege of staying in a Holiday Inn the night of the Super Bowl. That is insane!

$2,000 a night Holiday Inn

So, what does your $2,000 a night room look like? Here it is!

But, at least if you wanted to splurge a little more, you could always book the Presidential Suite (I actually didn’t know that was a thing at Holiday Inn hotels!) for just $300 more. I mean, if you are going big anyway, why don’t you just book the biggest room in the hotel? 🙂

Also, Priceline has another Holiday Inn that is also over $2,000 per night!

Personally, if I was going and really, really needed a place to stay for the night, I would probably just spend my money on this instead.



I mean, I would probably need a car anyway and I could find some way to sleep in something cool like a Lamborghini Gallardo – besides, it is a relative steal for only $899 for 24 hours! 🙂

What is the most expensive, “budget” hotel you have ever seen?

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  • I stayed in DC the night before to attend the women’s march on Jan. 21. Rates were $999 for a Hyatt Place but a steal at 12K Hyatt points. Most expensive hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

  • What’s insane about this? This is exactly the type of laissez faire capitalism that the Republicans love to sell us. It’s not like they’re jacking up prices during a crisis to prey on victims.

  • I booked A holiday Inn in Houston this week retailing for $1473 a night for 20,000 points. I’m actually stopping through on my way from SJD-> DEN to shop for my wedding dress. I know, I know….terrible timing. But points to the rescue!!! Thanks Priceless Surprises!