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2 Reasons to Buy Today’s Daily Getaway Package

Daily Getaway Package
Written by Charlie

Today only, you can get a great deal on Wyndham Reward points with the Daily Getaway Package. Here are 2 reasons you should buy this deal!


2 Reasons to Buy Today’s Daily Getaway Package

Wyndham Rewards

Link: Daily Getaway Package – 15,000 Wyndham Points

Today, the Daily Getaway offer is for 15,000 Wyndham points. While the cost has gone up $15 from the same deal last year, there are still great deals to be had with these points. Here are 2 reasons you should buy the deal today.

$175 Can Be A Cheap Price

The cost for today’s Wyndham package is for 15,000 points which is what every Wyndham hotel costs for a free night (yes, from the very cheap Interstate Howard Johnson to the high end properties). The points cost $175. Yes, this departs from the “Free” travel aspect but it can really get you a better deal at many hotels in cities around the world.

Wyndham Rewards

This hotel can be had for the 15,000 points per night – a savings of over 50% from what you pay now.

If you plan on staying in New York City, for instance, during the week, $175 is very cheap for a midtown Manhattan hotel. I have been kicking myself a lot over the past year that I did not have Wyndham points ready to go when I needed a hotel someplace and rates were really high.

Yes, it is a lot of money, but if your travels take you anywhere throughout the year where hotels can be expensive, this will be a nice amount of points to keep with you. Normally, I would not say to buy points speculatively but I think it is pretty safe in this case since this package is being sold as “One Night at any Wyndham Rewards Hotel for Only $175.” With that being said, I believe Wyndham would take a lot of heat for changing the point requirements after these are sold.

Having a “free” night in the bank for use at over 25,000 locations around the world is a great thing to have. While award availability is not available all the time, it is pretty good.

Cash and Points Make A Great Value

Wyndham has their Go Fast awards which is a mixture of points and cash. The cash varies by property but the points are at a fixed 3,000 points per night. The way this presents a great value is that when you are visiting a location with rates very high but lower cash costs. A great example of this is during huge events like Super Bowls – the photos below are an example of this.

Wyndham Rewards

Look at the value of the Go Fast award!

Wyndham Rewards

The same room as above but without any points.

Buying 15,000 points can give you 5 of these kinds of nights so it can be a great way to get extreme value.


When the Wyndham credit card is at its best offer, it gives 45,000 points. Right now, the offer is only at 30,000 points with a $75 annual fee. Also, you can buy Wyndham points from them but you are capped at 5,000 points per year.

So, if you travel, this could be a great Daily Getaway item to grab – even if you just hold on to those points for a while. If not, you may find yourself missing this package later on down the road!

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