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Your Smartphone Could Soon Help You Test for Covid-19

Written by Charlie

You could soon use your smartphone to help identify if you have Covid-19! Find out about this new test that is just awaiting approval before rolling out!

Covid testing is one of the biggest hangups in getting so many things back to normal, in many ways. As people look for negative tests for a variety of activities, the ability to get a quick (and cheap!) test is a big help. Well, your smartphone may help you out with that soon!

How Your Smartphone Can Help You with a Covid-19 Test

One of the many frustrations with tests is actually getting a test, followed by the various kinds of tests that may not work for all things you hope to do. We are now one step closer to getting those Covid-19 tests in a quicker fashion and your smartphone will enable you to do it from home.

Kroger will be the rollout point for this Gauss Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Home Test. They say they can produce up to 30 million per month and have already produced 1.5 million units.

They are currently waiting for it to be approved by the FDA (under the emergency use authorization). Once that happens, people will be able to get it online from Kroger as well as from their pharmacies and clinics.

How This Smartphone -Enabled Covid-19 Test Will Work

Here is how it works, from their press release:

To use the test, patients follow simple step-by-step video instructions in an app to properly collect the nasal swab and complete the rapid antigen test. After 15 minutes, the app prompts the patient to scan their rapid test. The app uses patent-pending, artificial-intelligence-based technology to provide patients with their results in seconds, helping minimize reader variability. To fulfill legal reporting requirements, the consumer-friendly app seamlessly also shares the reliable, secure results with appropriate public health agencies.

One thing I do not see is any type of verification protocol to ensure that the person’s name on the test is the same one taking the test. I doubt there will be since typical at-home tests that have this verification require a video call while taking the test.

If no verification exists, this means that this test will not be able to help you for travel-based purposes. However, I would not be surprised to see some kind of travel-ready test follow soon after to make it even more helpful for those that need it. Keep in mind that this is an antigen test anyway, anyplace that would require a PCR would not work with this test.

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  • I’m skeptical about the privacy of individual’s health information (HIPPA) on this until I see more information. Nice idea, though

    • True, but since it is being offered with iOS as well, I have a little more hope that having Apple’s ok will shore up the privacy a bit.