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WOW Air Offers Tickets To Europe As Low As $99

WOW air
Written by Charlie

WOW Air is an Iceland-based airline that is beginning to branch out to the US next year with its first airports being Boston and Baltimore. They are a low-cost airline that has been around for 3 years and has had good success. With this new service to and from the US, tickets can be had to Europe for as low as $99. But, is that a good deal?

WOW Air Tickets As Low As $99

Tickets that cost $99 – $129 for one-ways are what you would normally expect to see on flights to Florida from New York or something similar. It is not what you would expect for flights to Europe!

One of the great things about this airline is that the flights go to and through Reykjavik. Iceland is a beautiful place to visit and to be able to get there from the US for only $129 is fantastic. Summer time is peak season in Iceland so award flights (available directly from the US on Delta) can be hard to come by. Being able to fly there roundtrip for around $285 roundtrip makes it easy to visit Iceland. The flights offered also go to London’s Gatwick airport and Copenhagen.

WOW air

One-way ticket from Boston to Iceland

However, this price is only good for the people that can fly very light. Being a low-cost carrier, WOW Air charges on extras of any kind. That includes carry-ons over 11lbs (!), seat selection, checked baggage, etc. Don’t think that you will be able to slip by with a heavier carry-on either – the cost for increased weight at the gate is 79 euro! If you pay it ahead of time, you can get an extra 15lbs for your carry-on for 29 euro each way. To see all fees, check this page.

WOW air

The cost to add heavier hand luggage

I would just plan on paying the extra 29 euro each way for the heavier carry-on. I doubt many people at all can fit all of their luggage for an overseas trip into 11lbs. That is really not much at all. Plus, if you are traveling with a family, you may want to select seats in advance which will cost extra as well. Still, figuring all of these costs in, the roundtrip cost will still be cheaper than other airlines.

This is a great deal and hopefully will expand beyond these airports. One great thing about this fare is that it can get you to Iceland for the Reykjavik Marathon which is an awesome event. Another great thing about this is that the flight itself is not all that long – it is a little over 5 hours. But, one thing to be aware of – this flight will most likely be the cheapest thing of on your trip to Iceland! Iceland is an expensive country, especially during peak-time. Just be prepared for that – otherwise, this price is pretty great.

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