Wow! A Man Pulled a 1.5 Ton Truck for 26.2 Miles – World’s Strongest Marathon Record

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Check out this incredible effort for the World’s Strongest Marathon record! Corey pulls a 1.5 ton truck for 26.2 miles for the record!

Running a marathon is a bucket list item for many people – it was for me many years ago! After running one, many look ahead to running another, beating their time, qualifying for the Boston Marathon, running ultra marathons, running trail races, etc. Basically, marathoners often tend to find something to challenge them even more. Enter the World’s Strongest Marathon!

World’s Strongest Marathon Record

To be honest, I didn’t even know this was a thing before I read about it recently! It isn’t like a normal marathon where participants all start together. Instead, it is more about the endurance and the distance. The endurance part includes the fact that participants will pull a vehicle for the entire 26.2 mile/42.195km distance!


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Australian athlete Corey Philpott just set a new record for this challenge last week when he pulled a 1.5 ton Ford Ranger for 26.2 miles and he did it in 16 hours and 12 minutes. The video below is queued up to the finish and his sprinting for it! Just crazy!

That is an improvement on the old record by over an hour! To begin, I cannot even imagine pulling a vehicle any significant distance but pulling one for a whole marathon? Absolutely incredible! His pace was 37 minutes per mile, which, again, was done while pulling a vehicle.

Corey trained for 8 months for this effort. Congrats to him on such an endurance event. I do wonder how he has to feel after this! Running a marathon is more than just leg muscles, you involve your core muscles and even arm muscles with their swinging motion as well. This means that it is common to feel soreness in each of those muscle groups following a marathon. But, pulling a car? That has to lead to a whole other set of soreness!

Also, he did this as a fundraiser for Childsafe Foundation Fund, a nonprofit to help prevent child abuse. If you want to give to this fundraiser, here is the link for that. Congrats, Corey!

Source: Running Magazine Canada

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