Is This the Most Amazing Running Record?

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Written by Charlie

This incredible event has its winner and could this World Marathon Challenge record be the most amazing running record around? Find out about this record!

People really enjoy seeing records set. I mean, how many people pay huge money to watch the 100M men’s final when the potential for a world record was there? And that would take less than 10 seconds to set! Then there are the longer records like the amazing Yiannis Kouros who set the 48 hour running record by running 294 miles – an average pace of 9:48 per mile for 48 hours! Still, you would be able to have stood and watched that record set.

World Marathon Challenge Record – Most Amazing Running Record?

This new running record is one that is just amazing as well. Crossing the finish line just a few moments ago in Sydney was Michael Wardian. He won the World Marathon Challenge (7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days) with sub-3:00 marathons on each continent (see this post for more information about the World Marathon Challenge). He not only won each marathon with such blazing finishes but also won the entire event with an average marathon time of 2:45 for 7 marathons on 7 days in a row!

Here is the breakdown of his marathon times for this event:

  • Antarctica: 2:54:54
  • South America: 2:45:42
  • North America: 2:37:56
  • Europe: 2:42:35
  • Africa: 2:45:33
  • Asia: 2:49:25
  • Australia: 2:45:31

Running under 3 hours for a marathon is a difficult goal for anyone but to run that in 7 marathons on 7 days in a row while doing it on all 7 continents is just unreal!

There are many great mega-marathoners but I think Michael Wardian has demonstrated that he is one of the greatest. Having done 6 marathon runs on 6 continents on my own, I can certainly feel a little bit what that kind of event does to the body. But, I didn’t come near sub-3 hours on any of my runs! Congrats, Mike, on an unbelievable event! Go take a nice, deserved break! But, knowing how he has done things before, he will probably be headed to yet another race next week! Check this post from a few years ago about Michael Wardian.

Not to leave anyone out, there were 30 other runners that completed this entire event. Congratulations to each and every one of them for completing such an ambitious athletic endeavor! I am sure the memories will last for quite a while!

Finally, congrats to the event organizer, Richard Donovan. It is a huge job to pull off getting this many people around the globe and running on each continent as well! Great job, one and all!

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