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How Is the WiFi on Qatar’s QSuites Planes?

qatar qsuites business class
Written by Charlie

With Qatar rolling out new inflight internet to many planes, you can access your web content at very good speeds! Here is my experience with the WiFi on a Qatar Qsuites 777-300 aircraft.

When Qatar began rolling out their QSuites-equipped 777-300 aircraft, they had chosen to not turn the WiFi on. OMaaT had written a couple of months ago that one of the QSuites planes did have WiFi turned on and that it ended up being free. Nice!

How Is the WiFi on Qatar’s QSuites Planes?

qatar qsuites business class

An up top look at the single Qsuites seat

Recently, I flew in QSuites from Doha to JFK and it was a different aircraft than the previous one written about. Yet, it too had WiFi turned on yet it was no longer free. I am not sure if Qatar has turned WiFi on for all of those QSuites planes yet or not (I couldn’t find that information before my flight) so I just thought I would quickly share my experience with the QSuites internet.

I flew Qatar’s A350 about a year and a half ago and found the WiFi on that plane to be very poor. I struggled trying to get work done with the horrible connectivty and speed but it was just too much of a pain so I finally just stopped trying. I was eager to see if the WiFi was any better on Qatar’s 777-300 aircraft.

The Cost of WiFi On Qatar QSuites Planes

The WiFi on Qatar’s QSuites planes (the 777) is no longer fee. The first hour is free but the whole flight will cost $10. As inflight WiFi costs go, $10 for a 14 hour flight is not bad at all!

Of course, any passenger can access the WiFi, not just those in business class.

The Speed of WiFi on Qatar QSuites Planes

The download speed of the WiFi was pretty good! I was pleased with how quick it was. Apparently, Qatar is rolling out this Super WiFi across their A350 and B777 aircraft so chances are pretty good you will be able to experience some nice speeds as well!

wifi qatar qsuites

The Wifi speeds on Qatar’s 777-300

Those are some pretty decent speeds for in-flight WiFi!

Difference Between Computers and Mobile Devices?

There was a strange anomaly that I experienced. On my iPhone, the speed was as it is represented above. The same was with my iPad.

But, when I switched to my laptop, the download speeds were still great but it kept erroring out trying to do the upload test. That was not just some issue with the bandwidth test. I actually had a horrible trying to upload photos to blog posts. I finally had to quit that part of my work because it would try for several minutes and then error out.

I am not very good about networks but obviously there was something going on with the upload stream. I am not sure if they cap file sizes, which would be a pretty strange thing to do.

At any rate, the general speed of the WiFi for Qatar’s 777-300 was really good and I was able to get a lot of other things done!

In case anyone is interested, I was on the Qatar 777-300 A7-BEK aircraft.

You can read more about this Super WiFi in this article.

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