Who Will Be In the 2016 World Series? SPG Has Made Their Call

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Written by Charlie

The 2016 World Series is around the corner and SPG has made their call about who may be in the World Series! In fact, you can bid on tickets now!

With the 2016 World Series around the corner, many baseball fans are watching as their favorite teams compete for those two coveted spots. My team, the Yankees, were out of it a while ago so I am watching just as a MLB fan without a particular team favorite right now. Well, I am pulling for the Cubs since it has been quite since they have won!

The 2016 World Series from SPG Starpoints

2016 World Series SPG

Use your SPG Starpoints for 2 luxury suite tickets to Wrigley Field for the 2016 World Series!

With just a day before the championship series kick off, there are 3 teams that are in and 1 left. So, at this point, we know that two of the following teams will be in the 2016 World Series:

  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Washington Nationals

SPG’s Call for the World Series? The Chicago Cubs!

Many people have their guesses but SPG has gone public with their call – and they are already auctioning off tickets for seats to 2 games of the World Series! Where do they say those games will be played? That’s right – Chicago Cubs’ stadium Wrigley Field.

SPG has been auctioning off MLB postseason packages for a while but they have 2 packages up for auction right now that any Chicago Cubs fan should be preparing to spend their points on. Here is what they include (this is for 2 separate packages):

  • Each Game has 6 packages available with 2 tickets in each package
  • 2 tickets in the SPG Luxury Suite
  • Game 3 Link
  • Game 5 Link

These packages are not going cheap! One of the packages for one of the games is at 154,000 Starpoints while the other is at 175,000 Starpoints. But, these packages are for luxury suite tickets to a World Series game with the Chicago Cubs playing! That is worth something. If you want one of these packages, good luck with the bidding! It is a tough call to make – one package is for Game 3 and the other for Game 5. Game 5 could be historic if that is the game that the Chicago Cubs win the World Series but what if it all ends in Game 4? 🙂 If Chicago does not make it to the World Series, you will have your points refunded.

Don’t forget – if you are short the SPG Starpoints you need for one of these World Series packages, you can always transfer Marriott points over instantly at a rate of 3:1. Plus, you can also move your Chase Ultimate Reward points to Marriott and really bulk up your SPG totals!

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