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Which American Express Cards Have the Best Amex Offers?

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Written by Charlie

Amex Offers are some of the best deals available on cards. Here are some of the Amex cards that can help you have the best Amex Offers.

One of the best ways to recover your annual fee (and then some, or rather a lot) on American Express cards is with the Amex Offers. I write about any of the good Amex Offers that come up that I feel benefit my readers and there have been some great ones!

Sometimes, there are Amex Offers that are targeted to specific cards. With American Express having limits on how many credit cards you have and their once-per-lifetime bonus language, it might be good to pick the right card(s) for the best Amex Offers.

Which American Express Cards Have the Best Amex Offers?

Note: this is based on my research of Amex Offers and my own experiences. If you have some specifics to add to help fellow readers, please leave those in the comments below.

Membership Reward Earning Cards

Many of the travel-related Amex Offers, such as airfare deals, hotel deals, and more, tend to be delivered to American Express cards that earn Membership Reward points. This includes cards like these:

I will also throw in here the Blue Cash Back cards as they also receive many of the same offers as their bigger brothers.

Business Cards

Some of the best offers I have seen, such as the spend $150, get $150 back on your cell phone bill, have appeared on my business cards. This is the same whether it is a co-branded credit card or a Amex MR card. Some of these cards are:

  • American Express Platinum Business
  • American Express Business Gold Rewards
  • American Express Business Blue & SimplyCash
  • American Express Delta Business cards
  • American Express SPG Business card

Often I will have more targeted Amex Offers on my business card than my other cards.

Co-Branded Cards?

Unless it is a business card, co-branded cards really do not give you that much of an advantage in the way of targeted offers. For some reason, offers for hotels within the co-brand’s family many times will not even be available on those cards! If you have an offer on a co-branded card, it will most likely be on one of the other Amex cards.

How To Get A Card That Gives Better Amex Offers

If you are at your limit with Amex, you could always explore your ability to convert your card to a different product. But, make sure it is a card you have already had as you will not be able to get a bonus if you get the card now for the first time as a product change.

You cannot change a personal to a business card. You can change between some co-branded models sometimes. I have had reps tell me both ways about changing by card from a co-branded card to a MR-earning card. Also, I have had reps tell me both ways in regards to converting a credit card to a charge card and vice versa. The most recent reports I had was that you could not do that (but certainly worth the ask).

If you have not had a particular Amex card, you could consider signing up for it (check here for possible best card offers matched to you). Remember, bonuses are once-per-lifetime so make sure it is a top offer! The Delta offers are not good right now as are the SPG offers. There are some better offers that appear for the Membership Reward earning cards (like 100,000 points for the Platinum and 75,000 for the Premier Rewards Gold, or at least 50,000). Know what you are looking for before you apply!

What is your experience with the best American Express cards for the best Amex Offers? What is your number 1 Amex card for this purpose?

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  • I have the Blue Cash Preferred and I get hardly any of the good offers that people report on. The only good ones that I have gotten in the last year have been 10 off $60 at Amazon and 10 of 30 at Exxon.

    • Really? That is the same card my wife has and she has had some of the really good travel offers on there. Do you get any travel offers on the card?

    • Maybe you can try to add an authorized user. I seldom got travel offer on my main card. But my wife’s card got offers most of the time. Not always though. Offers on the card of my authorized user is sometimes different from my main card.