Weekend Deals: Great Prices On Garmin Fenix 5, Inflight WiFi, & Smartphone Travel Accessory

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Save big this weekend with a great deal on Garmin Fenix 5, a month’s worth of inflight WiFi for only $6, and a smartphone travel accessory that will improve your videos!

Good afternoon! Here are a few deals that I saw/found throughout the last few days that I thought would be of interest to some of you.

Weekend Deals: Garmin Fenix 5, Inflight WiFi, & Smartphone Travel Accessory

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire

Link: Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire – $579 (17% off)

I have posted a couple of great Garmin deals over the last week or so but this is the exact Garmin I have now and I think it is just about perfect! If you want a watch you can wear anytime and is a great, solid GPS watch, this could be for you!

It is pricey. It retails at $699 (not the price I paid!) but it comes with a Sapphire crystal for a more robust screen. This model also comes with WiFi (the non-Sapphire Fenix 5 models do not) and actually comes with a second band, a yellow one. Considering that the regular Garmin Fenix 5 rings in at $599 and does not come with WiFi, Sapphire, or the extra band (which regularly costs $50), this isn’t a bad upgrade.

But, this price makes it even better! It matches the best public price I have seen on this model and, if you were targeted, you could even pick up 6% eBay Bucks on this purchase as well!

Inflight WiFi – Incredible Deal!

weekend deals

Link: US Pass WiFi Deal – $6 with promo code RPUSMWIFI

If you have used inflight WiFi over the last couple of years, there are a couple of things you probably noticed – it is getting faster and more expensive! What used to be a novelty of connecting to your e-mail from 35,000 feet is now something that comes standard on many domestic planes and even international ones. However, it will cost you! Long-haul flight passes may cost $20 for a $24 period and if you are flying domestic a lot, the monthly pass could be $40-50!

But, this deal is pretty great! USMobile is a partner with providers GoGo and Panasonic so that means you will have internet access on American, Alaska, Air Canada, Delta, United, and Virgin America. You will also have access on a number of international carriers as well – all for the low price of $10 for a monthly pass plus a discount of $4 when using code RPUSMWIFI to take it down to only $6 for a month pass! This is an awesome deal, even if you only use it once! Definitely sign up now!

HT: View From the Wing

Smartphone Travel Accessory

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Link: Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q – $125 (10% off)

Smartphones are used for an incredible amount of travel photos and videos. This has brought the rise of the selfie stick as a popular (and annoying!) way to get your camera in better spots for those travel photos and can be seen (and banned) in many places around the world.

Personally, I like gimbals instead. These are small, motorized devices that provide smooth and steady movement for your videos. Instead of making your friends and relatives want to puke as you show them travel videos that are bouncing everywhere, you can create some really beautiful videos as you walk around the iconic places of the world.

Zhiyun-Tech is a gimbal manufacturer that has produced some fine pieces of equipment. I own one of their gimbals for larger cameras and have been very impressed with the battery life and performance of it. Zhiyun has broken into the smartphone gimbal market with a low cost but well-received/reviewed model called the Zhiyun-Tech Smooth Q. It is regularly $140 but you can but it now on sale from B&H for only $125. That is a pretty nice deal for a great device to make your videos smoother.

Besides, we all know most of our families don’t want to see videos anyway so why not try to make them more bearable to watch for them. 😉

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