Watch These Incredible Track Races – Could You Do This?

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Written by Charlie

Watch these amazing competitors post some awesome times for their category in these incredible track races! Could you do what they did? Congrats to all the runners!

As a runner, it is always motivating to see others doing incredible feats. When I see elderly people still moving like this, it is always something just incredible to me. I hope I can be walking around if I am still alive at 90. I would count myself incredibly blessed to be able to run at that age!

Watch These Incredible Track Races – Could You Do This?

The Men’s 60 Meter Race for 90-100

These gentlemen did a lot more than just run! They posted some amazing times in these races. In the video below, the runner in lane 5 is Orville Rogers – a 100 year old runner! In the 60 meter race, he posted a world record for the over 100 year old age group with a time of 19.13.

The winner of this race, the guy who went flying down the track in lane 5 is Edward Cox. He had a 10 year advantage on Mr. Rogers as a 90 year old man! He ran an incredible time of 11.73 to win this 60 meter race.

The Women’s 60 Meter Race for 90-100

Check out the women’s 90-100 year old 60 meter race as well! Julia Hawkins is 102 years old and set a world record for the 60 meter time for 100+ year old women with a time of 24.79! Congrats to all of these women as well! This is incredible!

Go ahead – head outside and see what your time is at 60 meters! To do that in 11 seconds is pretty good (Usain Bolt’s calculated 60 meter race time in a 100 meter race was 6 seconds, for reference) but to even be running at 90 is even greater!

Congrats to each one of these older runners that toed the line in this race! They are all winners for sure! Now, do you think you could do this at 90 years old? 

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  • Thanks for posting this Charlie, it is so inspiring. I have to admit I got a little misty-eyed watching these incredible athletes. As a 58 year old I see I can have a decades long running career ahead of me.
    When Roger Bannister passed away recently I decided to try a quarter mile at my max pace to see how I measured up. With lungs exploding, and about to pass out, I was chagrined to receive my time, an 84 second quarter. World class marathoners run 10 sec faster than this for 26 miles! They are playing a game with which I am not familiar.