Watch Airport Workers Pull a Large SNAKE From An Airplane

Written by Charlie

Watch this video of airport workers removing a large snake from an airplane! Fortunately, you will most likely never experience this yourself! 🙂

Snakes on a plane – for most people, that is not just a movie title (I had never seen it) but 4 words which bring terror to the mind! Well, check out this video of airport workers pulling a snake from an airplane and see if it makes you feel ok about getting on your next flight. 😉

Airport Workers Pull a Snake from an Airplane

Back in February of this year, an AirAsia flight in Malaysia was rerouted after a snake was spotted in the light fixture of the ceiling of the aircraft. There have been a few other incidents of snakes on airplanes as well but fortunately, they are very few and far between!

The AirAsia chief safety officer said at the time that this was a “very rare incident that can occur on any aircraft from time to time”, obviously an attempt to let passengers know it wasn’t something special about AirAsia that caused this incident!

I am not sure when this happened but according to the Twitter account, this incident was also in Malaysia and possibly somewhat recently (the last month or two). From the shirt of one of the people involved in the removal of the snake, it appears that this could be a Raya Airways airplane. They are a cargo outfit out of Malaysia and they fly at least 4 aircraft, a Boeing 737-400, a Boeing 767-200, an Airbus A320-200 and an Airbus A321-200. That number could have changed as they announced the leasing of four more aircraft (A320 and A321 airplanes) earlier this year.

Anyway, this popped up in my feed today so I felt that I should share it with you as well. 🙂 Apparently, it is a little less rare in Malaysia aviation than the AirAsia chief would like to believe but at least it was a different airline! In this case, maybe it was being handled as cargo and had gotten out of its containment and worked its way over near the landing gear somehow? At any rate, enjoy! 🙂

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