Great Travel Tech Deals Going On Now! Earbuds, Smartphones, Watches, and More

Written by Charlie

Check out some of these great deals for Google Pixel devices, Garmin watches, earbuds, and more!

Whether you are looking for some last minute Christmas gifts (no guarantee that these will arrive in time!) or looking to gift yourself with something you have been waiting for, here are some great travel/fitness tech deals I have dug up for you!

Great Travel and Fitness Tech Deals Going on Now

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Google Smartphones, Watches, and Earbuds

Is there any other piece of tech we use more when traveling than smartphones? While you may already have one you like, I wanted to draw your attention to these deals on the new Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro phones. Google Pixel phones are fantastic for travel, especially when you combine them with Google Fi. These latest Google Pixel phones can even unblur your photos – even old photos (as long as they are stored in Google Photos). Pretty cool!

There were some gift card deals when these phones came out in October but now these deals are straight cash discounts.

Garmin GPS Watches

I have been a loyal Garmin user for years and am currently using the Garmin Epix 2. This watch has been on my wrist for almost a year now and, in my mind, is the best Garmin watch they have made yet.

But, not only is this watch on sale but many other great Garmin watches as well! Check out these two links to see all the sales going on.

Beats Earbuds

I used to run with the Beats Powerbeats Pro because I loved the over-the-ear fit and just how well they setup and worked with Apple devices (they have the same chip in them that AirPods do). But, I had to stop using them because 90% of my runs were in the sunshine which meant I was wearing sunglasses. These just didn’t work as well with sunglasses.

Eventually, after a couple of other pairs, I went with the Beats Fit Pro and I have to tell you that these are my favorite fitness earbuds! In fact, not just fitness! I wear them all the time and they even have noise cancellation built-in as well! But, if the price of these is too off-putting, even on sale, the Beats Studio Buds will probably wow you with the balance of fit, feature, and price. Just please – avoid the Kim Kardashian ones! I don’t want to see any of those in my affiliate dashboard! 🙂

GoPro HERO 11

The GoPro HERO 11 is still on sale from Amazon and other retailers! I tried out this camera and it was really a joy to use. Check out this video here from my skydive with the GoPro

BUT! If you don’t mind getting the 1 year GoPro subscription (which you shouldn’t mind, as long as you remember to cancel before the yearly subscription renews), you can get it for just $339 directly from GoPro – here! Definitely go this route, unless you have Amazon deals you want to take advantage of.

And that’s it! Check out those deals above and see if any of them work for you! And, if you do decide to buy, thanks for using our links!

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