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Video of a Bear Walking Through a Hotel in Vermont!

Written by Charlie

You have had spiders and bugs in your hotel before, but have you ever seen a bear walking through a hotel? This black bear walked right into a hotel in Vermont and explored a little bit!

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When I stay at a hotel, I understand that, despite housekeeping’s best efforts, there will be little bugs and such that appear. It is even cute to spot small wildlife like turtles, ducks, etc. prowling the grounds. But a bear walking through the hotel? No thanks! But this manager captured on video a bear walking through this hotel!

Video of a Bear Walking Through a Hotel!

This bear was in Vermont and apparently decided it wanted to do a walking tour of the North Star Lodge in Killington, Vermont. Vermont has been dealing with bears appearing in many places that they should not be in but the appearance of a bear walking the halls of a hotel would certainly send customers into a bit of a panic.

The bear walked around the hotel for about 5 minutes before leaving on its own.

Note: the video below may not be showing up so check it out on the news page here if it does not load for you.

I guess even cockroaches don’t seem as bad!


Featured image By Diginatur [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

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