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[Video] Fight Erupts on Ryanair Over the Window Seat

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Written by Charlie

A flight fight broke out on Ryanair recently over the window seat. Here is a video and description of the incident.

It is hard for most of us to have to go home after a vacation but what most of us do not do is to start a fight on our flight back home to our normal lives. But, a fight is what happened on a recent Ryanair flight as two passengers could not observe basic passenger politeness.

Flight Fight Breaks Out Over Seat Access

On a Ryanair flight (4207) from Malta to Stansted (London) last week, a fight broke out between a British passenger and an American passenger. The cause?

The British passenger would not let the American passenger get to his assigned window seat. With that, some words and swearing began, according to a witness on the plane, before it escalated to a physical battle. Passengers on the video can be seen and heard trying to get the passengers to settle down, with some saying they just wanted to get home.

The flight was delayed for 2 hours, making it arrive in London after midnight. The airline said in a statement that the “cabin crew diffused the situation before the aircraft departed safely for Stansted following a minor delay.” 

Having flown Ryanair several times myself, I cannot imagine myself ever wanting to fight over any of those seats! 🙂 As part of the diffusing that the cabin crew handled, I wonder where those two passengers went? I mean, I cannot imagine them allowing them to actually sit next to each other but who else would want to sit next to them?

I cannot understand how incidents like this happen, especially given the tight constraints people know they will be facing with the other individual for hours and hours. This is one of the reasons I just like to get to my seat and mind my own business unless my seat mates show that they are wanting to have a conversation. You never know, which is unfortunate.

Source: DailyMail

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