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US Tourists Still Not Welcome in Europe – And Now, 2 More Countries Join the “No” List

Written by Charlie

The US tourist is still on the “no” list for travel to Europe. Not only that, but two of the countries that were originally allowed have joined the US on the “no” list as well.

In the days and hours leading up to the highly anticipated opening date of July 1 (for travel to Europe), it was well-known that American tourists would not be among those welcome. In the end, the decision was made to welcome 14 countries and also China, if China would welcome Europeans. This “red” and “green” list was to be re-examined every 2 weeks. Well, here is the expected update.

European Borders Actually Closing a Little More to the World

I would be surprised if anyone thought the US would be added to the “green” list as cases continue to be reported in the US. Not only that, but many Americans that had originally had plans for Europe have since moved those plans to other locations or decided to stay at home for 2020.

The original countries on the July 1 list were:

  • Algeria
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Georgia
  • Japan
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • New Zealand
  • Rwanda
  • Serbia
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Tunisia
  • Uruguay

Of course, China was to be added once they allowed Europeans to make the total count at 15. But, that list has shrunk just a little due to climbing cases in two of these countries.

Two More Countries Are Said to Join the “No” List

Those two countries are Serbia and Montenegro. Travelers from Serbia had been heading to Greece in great numbers and the majority of the new cases being reported in Greece are due to people coming in over the land borders. Because of the rising numbers in Serbia, and also Montenegro, these countries have been added to the “Red” list of banned countries for the time being.

For residents in those countries, this is much more disappointing than for people in America, for example. This would be due to the fact that these countries are already on the continent of Europe so this ban would close off nearby countries to these residents.

Who Is Allowed?

Even countries that have had improved infection numbers did not make the new list – no new country has made the list. This is likely out of an abundance of caution from Europe since many other countries would not make as significant an economical impact as Russia, the UK, and the US would.

Croatia is allowing Americans but they need to have a reservation in-country and also a negative Covid test to enter.

Remember, this does not mean that all Americans are banned from Europe – check this page to see what would qualify an American to visit Europe right now.

Should Americans Hold Out Hope of European Travel This Year?

Greece says they may welcome Americans as soon as the end of July, if certain conditions are met. But, most passengers would need to enter through other European countries to arrive in Greece and the rules are literally changing constantly.

At this point, I would just assume that European travel for Americans will not happen this summer – maybe not even this fall. If you wanted a European vacation, consider checking out some of the beautiful places in America instead. In fact, this is likely something that the American tourism industry would like much, much more!

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  • Well, you are talking about me with your example up there as an American who was hoping to go to Greece this year. Driving to all my vacation destinations except Napa. Waiting for Delta to load flights for more dates in June, 2021 and then I’ll rebook my Greece trip for June, 2021. I am trying to be strategic about this as the EU seems to change what countries they allow in currently on the 1st and 15th of the month. If we have widespread availability of a vaccine and pharmacologic treatments for COVID, then things should get better. But, I figure June would be a better time to shoot for next year than my usual May time frame.

    • Man, I really feel bad for you, Sam! I think you have a good plan for next year, though. I think Greece is going to have some amazing deals in place and things to try to really kick tourism off again in 2021 so you may find some great lodging opportunities! I have been surprised that some of the luxury places on the islands have not dropped their prices right now, especially since occupancy is ridiculously low!
      Enjoy Napa!
      Oh, also, while being in Greece for their Easter can be a different glimpse of the country, if you want things open, better to miss that anyway and next year it is May 2. So, good call on June!

  • It’s unbelievable that Europe would grant access to Chinese travelers right now. China’s claimed number of infected is clearly laughably low, in a country of a billion and a half people, and seemingly never rises. Yeah…right.
    That said, Europe is smart to restrict entry, although I’m sad that I won’t be able to visit for a while.

    • Letting China in with reciprocity is the part that says it is a move mixed with politics and not just entirely based on epidemiological data. But, I also would guess that the EU is thinking that if they won’t accept a country’s reported numbers, what can they trust?

  • I am currently holding a great Delta mistake fare tickets for a family of 4, Budapest to Seattle end of august and and back to Budapest this December for just over $700 lay flat business per person. it was delta one suite originally on a330neo but now just reverse herringbone a330 and on return, Air France B777 back to europen this winter breaks. I also booked Seattle to Amsterdam using VS miles one way. The chance of taking advantage of that is getting more slime by the day… that round trip ex budapest ticket would have earned us ton of miles too credit to VS. It’s a fully refundable I booking class I think earning like 150% or 200% VS miles if I remember correctly. Oh well… for all those who though this was all hoax and still ignoring and not practicing social distancing or refusing to wear a mask, I hope your luggage goes missing one day.

    • Oh, that is rough! We had a couple of tickets for a trip and I canceled them a month ago. We are already in Europe so that wasn’t a problem but the issues in the US caused our plans to change – and then change again, and again! It was a bummer because they were great tickets indeed!
      One good thing – I had a refund within 1 hour after filing for it online with Delta. I had booked with Expedia (had a lap infant and Delta wouldn’t let that happen on their site) but Delta processed the refund directly and quickly! Something to be said for fully refundable business class tickets!

  • I don’t like traveling far beyond Europe. I loved small islands. Please remember many countries are not finish with their medical testing of their residents. Tourist are the ticket meal to boost their economic. Any American thinking of traveling right now, just save your money and stay in the States now.

  • Has there been any talk about the USA opening up its borders I’m from the UK and I’m supposed to be flying to LA backend of August to see friends I’ve been booked since last November

    • Nothing yet. I would guess that it may open around early September unless Europe opens to Americans first – just thinking that because it would mean that school would be back in session for most so would cut down on tourists? Though, I think there isn’t that much danger of Europeans bringing the virus to the US. Hope you can make your trip! If anything changes, I will be posting about it!

  • What about Americans transiting through European airports to other destinations? There isn’t a lot of good info on this issue, even on the airports’ websites.

    • I definitely agree with you on that. The main issue is going to be at your originating airline. They get in trouble if they transport you to a destination that you are not allowed to enter. If your ticket is all in one and that transit point is just that, there should not be an issue. As long as the airline lets you check-in, you won’t have a problem because you will not be going through passport control in the European city.
      Check with your airline in your originating city to make sure but you should be ok.

  • Charlie, I’m from DFW and I really want to see Budapest and Malta next June. I really hope this nonsense gets cleared up by then. It’s awful that those of us who follow the rules often get punished by those who are irresponsible. I did just get back from a wonderful trip to New Orleans and South Beach. I just hope so much for the best!