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Which US Cities Have Non-Stop Flights to Iceland with WOW air Gone?

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Written by Charlie

With the end of WOW air, here are the US cities with non-stop flights to Iceland so that you are still able to find the best routes to travel to beautiful Iceland.

Yesterday, WOW air, the low cost carrier based in Iceland, announced that they were ceasing operations. This was due to their inability to secure funding or a partner to handle their costs. It was all over the news so I am sure you read about it!

Which US Cities Have Non-Stop Flights to Iceland?

While I never flew WOW, I did like them for a couple of reasons. One is that they drove down prices from their Icelandic competitor, Icelandair. They were also in so many US markets that it was possible for people all over America to hit Iceland for the weekend for less than it would cost to fly to a large US city.

Over the last couple/few months, WOW had been pulling out of some of the US cities they had been active in. Now, with their closing of operations, I wanted to put together a little table to show which US cities still have non-stop flights to Iceland.

This is just to help you identify which cities may be close to you so keep in mind that some may offer only seasonal service and also may not be daily flights. I will update the table later with all of that information.

US CityAirline
DallasAmerican Airlines
Kansas CityIcelandair
Minneapolis/St. PaulIcelandair
New York CityIcelandair
New York CityDelta
San FranciscoIcelandair
Tampa BayIcelandair
Washington DCIcelandair

As you can see, Icelandair really rules the skies on US-Iceland routes. While there are many cities with non-stop flights to Iceland, it is a real shame that so many of the smaller markets are now missing out on those non-stops with the end of WOW. It is always nice to skip a larger airport, just drive to your local airport, board the plane, and step off in a foreign country!

But, except for the southwest, there are still plenty of cities that will offer non-stop flights to Iceland.

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