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US Airways Offers Up To 100% Share Bonus For One Week

Here it is again – a great opportunity to share miles and have up to an additional 100% bonus shared as well! I received this offer in my e-mail just now and it is pretty good news! US Airways ran this promo quite often last year in the Star Alliance. This is the first time since they are in the Oneworld Alliance and it can be extremely useful if you have any big travel plans within the Oneworld Alliance.

US Airways 100%

To max out this promo, you would share 50,000 and basically be purchasing the additional 50,000 miles for $567. The recipient of your share will be the one to receive the bonus miles.

Here are the details:

  • Receive up to 100% bonus on shared miles (you need to transfer miles from one account to another account of a friend or family member)
  • The bonus structure is: 10K-19K – 50% bonus / 20K-29K – 75% bonus / 30K-50K – 100% bonus
  • The most miles that can be transferred is 50,000 miles (which means the recipient account would receive a total of 100,000 miles)
  • The most miles that can be received is 50,000 miles per account (not counting the bonus)
  • The cost to transfer is 1 cent per mile plus $30 transfer fee plus 7.5% tax – to transfer the maximum of 50,000 would cost $567
  • This deal runs from April 7 – 13
  • The receiving account must be a minimum of 12 days old to receive the bonus
  • This is not a targeted deal – the transfer page can be found here.

Is this a good deal?

If you max out the promo, you are going to have 100,000 miles in one account. That is 10,000 miles more than you need for a round-trip business class ticket to north Asia and you can have a stopover in Europe on the way (4/7 – now costs 110,000 miles). If you have some travel in mind that you can use these miles on within the next year, I would say to go ahead and do it. It is the cheapest way to obtain US Airway miles and now that they are in the Oneworld Alliance, it opens up a lot of great opportunities.

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    • Yes, but the most a single account can receive is 50,000 from this promo (not counting the bonus). So, in your example, if A started with 50K, the end result would be that A would have 100K and B would have 50K. Total cost would be $1,134. Make sense? Make sure the accounts have been open for 12 days, though!