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US Airways Card Waives Foreign Fees – Does It Matter?

US Airways
Written by Charlie

E-mails have begun to announce to US Airway credit card holders that the card will no longer charge the foreign transaction fees. That means that the US Airways card can now be used abroad without receiving a knock on their spending. The card can also be used online with companies/agencies that charge in foreign currencies and not be hit with that fee.

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US Airways

While it is a nice move to remove that foreign transaction fee from the US Airways card, does it matter all that much? Of course, I like to have more of my cards available for foreign use (especially since I spend most of my time out of the US) but the US Airways credit card is not a card that gets a lot of use on my part. Right now I am using it with $500 of spend for 3 months to be able to receive an incentive bonus of 15,000 miles. But, other than that, I have not used the card since the last offer came through a couple of years ago. 🙂

The only way I would use this card for foreign purchases is if I was really trying to rack up Dividend Miles (to become AAdvantage miles later this year) on all non-bonus categories for other cards. The reason for that is that the best card for earning miles in the US Airways and American Airline programs still charges foreign transaction fees – the Starwood Preferred Guest Card from American Express. That card is one that absolutely needs to stop charging the foreign transaction fee!

While I appreciate that more cards are jumping on the disappearing of the foreign transaction fee, the US Airways card is just not one that is going to get me too excited. After I finish my spend for this month, it goes back in the draw until the next offer comes around! 🙂

Does this new change to the US Airways card make it one that you want to put in your wallet for foreign spending?

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  • I have gotten the card this past december – how do I qualify for the extra 15000 miles? Do I just spend over $500 and the airline will automatically credit my account, or do I have to do something else? Thanks!

    • Sorry for any confusion – the linked post talked about it being targeted.
      Believe it or not, the best thing you can do to get targeted for an offer like that is to just stick the card in a drawer and not use it for several months. 🙂 The issuer likes to get you to use it for something and that is when these offers come out to incentivize you to spend on it.