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US Airways 30,000 Mile Offer

Written by Charlie

US Airways had for a long-time one of the best credit card bonuses going – 40,000 Dividend miles after first purchase. Sure, it wasn’t the highest, but having the card meant that you were eligible for a 5,000 mile reduction on award tickets on US Airways flights and they have some great off-peak flight options (like Europe in economy for 30,000 – if you have the card). So that 40,000 miles went a long way.

US Airways 30,000 mile offer

However, right after the merger announcement with American Airlines, they pulled the link for that card. I (and many other bloggers) had affiliate links for that same amount but without the annual fee waived the first year and then they went and changed that offer without informing us to a lower 30,000 mile offer. Since then, different landing pages (credit card applications that do not have an offer page detailing the bonus available) have come out that offer 35,000 miles. The offer is hidden in the Terms and Conditions, so it is best to take screenshots of that.

I did find another US Airways 30,000 mile offer and this one offers the bonus miles that the original did (10,000 bonus miles on the anniversary and fee waived the first year). I think this is a strong offer and will be putting in my next credit card cycle. While this may not be the best offer, it is definitely the safest in terms of the landing page (though I would not be afraid to apply through an application page with no landing page, I understand others may prefer the clearer offer). 

US Airways 30,000 Miles after 1st purchase – Application Link I do not receive a commission for this link

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