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Turkish Airlines to Fly 2 Flights to Chicago Just 2 Hours Apart – One Has the New Business Class

Written by Charlie

Turkish Airlines is about to start flying two flights to Chicago several days a week. The flights are just two hours apart and one features their new business class.

Turkish Airlines currently has their fleet grounded but that is due to end on May 28. When they take to the air again, they are going to be servicing a lot of destinations fairly quickly. One of those destinations, Chicago, is actually going to get a second flight on some days – with the second flight having their new business class.

Turkish Airlines Will Now Fly Two Flights to Chicago Several Days a Week

While Turkish Airlines does fly to some destinations more than once per day – this summer, they were scheduled to run three a day to JFK, two a day to Washington Dulles, and two a day to Los Angeles (though not all flights would be every day) – Chicago has not had the double treatment before.

Now, they will with the second flight of the day being on one of their Boeing 787 Dreamliners with the new business class. The curious thing about this new second flight is that it is just 2 hours and 20 minutes after the first flight leaves.

Most of their doubles are more like at least 3 hours with some being 4-5 hours. I am not sure why they are flying the flights so close together and why they feel that Chicago needed a second flight on many days. In fact, Chicago had always been a pretty good option for business class awards due to it not having as big a load as other cities.

But, since they are flying a second flight, this gives award-seekers another great opportunity to find flight awards – when travel resumes. I have found some excellent award availability on both routes but, unless you are traveling with another person, I would personally choose the 787 flight for their new business class.

The New Turkish Airlines Schedules to Chicago

The Everyday Flight 

  • Departs Istanbul at 14:10 and arrives in Chicago at 17:35 same day
  • Departs Chicago at 21:30 and arrives in Istanbul at 16:10 the next day

The 787 Dreamliner Flight

  • Departs Istanbul at 16:30 and  arrives in Chicago at 19:55 same day
  • Departs Chicago at 23:05 and arrives in Istanbul at 17:50 the next day

This flight operates Saturdays, Mondays, and Thursdays.

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  • Unfortunately only until the end of the IATA Northern Summer Season. No luck for flying the new biz over Christmas 🙁