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Turkish Airlines Gives A Wonderful Gift

Turkish Airlines
Written by Charlie

It only takes a perusal of social media outlets to find people that are displeased with companies in the travel industries. Airlines and hotels get ripped on a lot by customers for a variety of reason. We have all had a time, I am sure, when we sort of gave it to an airline because of problems they gave us.

Turkish Airlines Gives A Wonderful Gift

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines – Credit: Bocman1973 / Courtesy Shutterstock

However, as quick as we are to take note and take to task travel providers when they wrong, we should also take note when they go above and beyond and do something great. Cynical minds can always wonder what is motivating a company to do something that costs them money, but it sometimes can be as simple as someone in authority using their discretion to make a person or family very happy.

That is what Turkish Airlines did for a family in Ohio. Their little 5-year old girl, Elizabeth Myers, has a rare disorder that is causing her to slowly lose her sight. Because of that, the parents have made a “visual bucket list” – things and places that they want their daughter to be able to see before she loses her sight forever.

The general manager at Turkish Airlines heard about her and stepped forward with the wonderful gesture of tickets for the family to go anywhere in the world that Turkish Airlines flies to. The family chose to go to Rome and will be making the trip next year (it will take a few years for complete blindness to set in).

I just want to say that was very kind and thoughtful of Turkish Airlines to make such a move. I appreciate an airline surprising us with outreaches like this and I am sure that this trip that they gave to the Myers family is going to make an unforgettable memory for this young girl. Certainly, there will be things that Turkish Airlines will do (and have done) that will cause us some travel woes, but today, they have done something very special and I am thankful for that.

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