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Turbulence on JetBlue Flight Injures 24 People

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Written by Charlie

Turbulence on a JetBlue flight caused an emergency landing and injuries to 24 people.

Turbulence on JetBlue Flight Injures 24 People

Last night, a JetBlue flight (flight 429) from Boston to Sacramento hit what has been described as severe turbulence. The situation caused the JetBlue flight to make an emergency landing in Rapid City, SD and emergency personnel boarded to take care of those injured from the turbulence.

The report says that 24 people in all, 22 passengers and two crew members, were injured as a result of the turbulence. One passenger described the scene in flight as “people floating” as the plane was rocked around.

Fortunately, all 24 people have since been released from the hospital following evaluations and treatment for minor injuries. A replacement plane was flown to Rapid City to take the passengers on to Sacramento. One passenger said that there was damage in the plane with cracks on the overhead bins.

Remember Your Seat Belts

I am certainly not saying that these passengers did not have their seat belts on but I do think such a situation warrants pointing out and reminding each of us again that the announcement to keep the seat belts on when seated is not just something to say but for our safety. Even if you think you can always put it on if awful turbulence starts, if you are resting when that happens, it may be too late to put it on before you are bounced from your seat. For your safety as well as those with you, always remember to keep your seat belt fastened when seated.

I am relieved to hear that everyone has been released from the hospital and hope that no one has any lasting issues. I have been on some turbulent flights before but nothing quite this bad so I can only imagine how scared people were.

HT: ABC News

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  • Sorry if this sounds harsh but people have been told time and again to keep them on. It’s their own fault.
    Keep your dang seat belt ON!!

  • Yeah also, if you want to get up when the seat belt sign is on, but you aren’t seated in the aisle and therefore make the other people in your row unbuckle their seat belts so you can get out — you’re a douche.