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TSA PreCheck Just Got Cheaper for Newcomers – But, You Really Don’t Have to Pay for It!

Written by Charlie

The great airport security program – TSA PreCheck – just got cheaper. But, you shouldn’t be paying for it anyway and here is how you can avoid it.

TSA Precheck and Global Entry are part of the US Trusted Traveler Program and they have been tremendous programs that help to streamline the security process at airports and immigration upon reentering the US. And, now, the US has just made TSA Precheck cheaper than before (but, you still shouldn’t be paying for it!).

TSA PreCheck Is Cheaper Now

TSA PreCheck is a program that allows you to go through faster security TSA lines and to kind of act like it is pre-2001 when it comes to going through security. I have had it for years, thanks to Global Entry, and even when the lines are packed, it still works faster than the regular security lines (especially since I don’t have to take my electronics out of my bag!).

So, prior to last week, TSA PreCheck cost $85 for 5 years. Now, TSA PreCheck costs $78 for 5 years for new accounts. If you already have it and are renewing online, you only pay $70.

But, you also get TSA PreCheck with Global Entry memberships, which costs $100 for 5 years. This is the better route if you travel internationally.

But, You Shouldn’t Be Paying For It!

But, even with it cheaper, you still shouldn’t be paying for it! That is because a ton of credit cards have made Global Entry or TSA PreCheck a perk with their cards. That includes the American Express Platinum card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve, and many airline cards. This is a nice way to knock down part of those cards’ annual fees!

Just simply use that card to pay for it and you will get a statement credit for the amount!

So, check out this page to see if your current credit cards are on the list that offer this perk!

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