Garmin is Adding a Cool Jet Lag Advisor to Watches – Great for Travel!

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Written by Charlie

Garmin is bringing a brand feature to some of their watches – the Garmin JetLag Advisor! This could be great for getting helpful information to adjust your training and to your trip.

With the new Apple Watch Ultra getting a ton of attention from people as it may compare or contrast to Garmin, Garmin is continuing on with what they do well – making the best all-in-one fitness tracking device they possibly can. Sure, there are a bunch of Apple Watch apps but Apple does not do nearly as much in their native apps as Garmin has done. And, here comes Garmin again with a really great feature that could help travelers.

Garmin Adding the Jet Lag Advisor to Watches

Garmin has tons of features, especially on their higher end watches, that have made a Garmin watch more than just something to wear for a workout. They have compiled an impressive list of metrics that they can use to spit out a lot of feedback to you about your body, training, sleep, and more – thanks to the amount of data these watches collect through sensors now.

It used to be that a Garmin watch was something you would just put on for your workout. Now, it is a nice watch to wear all the time, it doesn’t need to be charged that often and it collects a lot of your bio info as you go throughout your day and night. In turn, it takes this data to help give you a look each day at how prepared you are for your next step in training, how your body may feel going through the day based on breathing, heart rate variability, sleep patterns, and more.

Plus, if you want a specific kind of race to train for, some of these Garmins will make and deliver to you a set of Daily Suggestions for preparing for that race every day. And it adjusts based on your health factors that it monitors.

Now, they are bringing a lot of information together to give the Jet Lag Advisor. This will be first appearing on the new Garmin MARQ watches before coming to other Garmin watches as well (like the Fenix, Epix, and other models as well). Here is how this new Jet Lag Advisor works.

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You use the Garmin Connect app to input upcoming trip information and then your Garmin will give you information like the time zone difference and suggestions for how to start preparing for and taking that trip to minimize jet lag. For many seasoned travelers, we have our own patterns down for how we combat it but this is a tool that I even look forward to using and seeing how well it works against my normal patterns.

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Here are the screenshots from Garmin about how it looks and how it will work. Garmin told me that if you decide to not get information from one suggestion, it does not alter any of the other suggestions so it is not a dynamic suggestion list that changes based on your preferences. Instead, it is based on what makes for a good idea to help adjust to a new timezone and deal with the travel as you adjust your training schedule.

a screen shot of a phone

a screenshot of a smart watch

a screenshot of a phone

a screen shot of a phone

According to DC Rainmaker, it should be coming to the Garmin Fenix 7 and Garmin Epix 2 watches and possible some others as well in a future update. For now, it will only be on the new Garmin Marq 2 watches.

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