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Quadruple Stack These Deals for Great Savings on Luggage & Travel Gear!

Written by Charlie

Take advantage of 4 awesome deals at one retailer for huge savings on luggage and other gear! Put it all together for some serious deals!


I love it when multiple deals align to create quadruple stacking on products! This is one of those times! It happens a few times a year that you are able to quadruple stack savings with eBags and this is one of those times. Unlike the last couple of times, you can actually get miles instead of cash back this time which could make your value even greater!

Quadruple Stack These Deals for Great Savings on Luggage & Travel Gear

1. Save Amex Offer

new Amex Offers

Link: Amex Offer Post

Amex has an Amex Offer for eBags about 3-5 times per year and there is one going on right now. So, head over to your Amex Offers first and save the offer to your card(s). The offer is for $15 back on $75 spend. Once you save it, take your Amex card and move to step 2.

2. Go Through United Airlines Shopping Portal

Link: United Airline Shopping Portal

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Starting today (not sure when it will end), United is offering 20 miles per dollar to customers shopping at eBags when they start through their shopping portal. This is great since many people would likely value United miles at 1.5 cents per mile or a little more. That means this is more like a 30% rebate of sort!

3. 25% Off Code (or 20% off code)

quadruple stacking

With some exclusions applying (like not valid on certain brands like Tumi), you can still get 25% off on a lot of pieces of luggage and travel gear! This includes brands like Travelpro. There may be separate exclusions for each code so try them both on items you may be interested in:

  • 20% off sitewide (with exclusions) – VIP
  • 25% off (with exclusions) – EMBL071017

Enter one of these codes at checkout. Obviously, go with the 25% off if it is applicable! 🙂

Be warned – the 25% code came from an e-mail newsletter from eBags. The 20% code is on their website. If you want to make certain not to invalidate the portal miles, go with the 20% off code since that is a code they publicize on their site.

4. eBags Rewards – 20% Bonus

quadruple stacking

Check out the eBag Rewards you can earn!

Here is another great part to add-on! If you are signed up (sign-up if you are not already), you will receive 20% in bonus points for eBags Rewards for future purchases. This is a huge perk for sure as they do not expire for quite a while (18 months, I believe) and you can use them for a future purchase. Just check at checkout below your price details on the right side to see what you will earn with eBags Rewards.

Putting It Together

Ok, now the portals say they do not pay out on gift cards and I found that to be true. But, you should have no problem using a gift card that you purchase with one Amex card to combine with another Amex card and get the portal payout on the whole purchase that way (this worked for me countless times with TopCashBack). So, to get a nice round number, let’s say you are looking at a $150 bag/piece of gear. Let’s break it down to see what this will cost you after you put all of this together:

  • Item cost = $150
  • Discount of 20% = $120
  • Amex Offer cashback – $30 (from using one Amex card with the offer to purchase a gift card and then using that gift card and another Amex card to make the real purchase)
  • United Portal 20 miles per dollar – $35 in value (most likely a realistic basis for most)
  • eBags Rewards for future purchase – $30
  • Total price  (after calculating all present savings and future value $35! An total end savings of 77%!

Remember, the Amex Offer is on the Amex end so it will not affect your United miles or final price on eBags. No matter what you do, this is a great way to realize a lot of value and get some nice gear at a bargain as well!

This is to show you what could be possible. Using promo codes that are not on the page of the retailer do disqualify with portals so you may want to be more cautious and go with the 20% off code (since that is one the website) instead of the 25% (since that was an e-mail code). Up to you, but I did the calculations above using the most conservative estimates to play it safe.

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