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Travel Tech: Latest iPad Pros on Sale Up to $400 Off

Written by Charlie

The latest iPad Pros are once again on sale – with up to $400 off for the best models! If you want, there are also some nice deals on refurbished models as well!

This sale is back and we have Amazon to thank for shoving these prices lower all the time! If you are in the market for the best iPad yet, these deals are the way to get a great deal on one!

Latest iPad Pros Discounted Up to $400 Off

First, a non-pro iPad

If you want an iPad but do not want to spend a lot, the 32GB iPad is on sale (again!) for just $249 or you can get the 128GB model for $329. Either one has more than enough power for most people and even allows for the use of the first generation iPad Pencil!

Should You Buy an iPad Pro Right Now?

Here’s the thing – we should see new iPad Pros in October. For sure, they will have upgraded internals like the processor and memory. They will also likely have better cellular radios (for the cellular models). In addition, it is rumored that there will be new cameras for the iPad Pros as well.

So, should you really buy an iPad Pro right now? I would say YES. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • These sale prices on the current model are really good (at minimum, $125 off for the 11″ and $200 off for the 12.9″)
  • The internals on these iPad Pros are amazing – they can handle very processor intensive loads like multimedia editing without any fans at all!
  • Who really goes around taking photos with their iPads? 🙂

True, iPad Pros having great cameras would make a nice one-stop machine for shooting and editing content but pretty much any digital camera around is going to give you better dynamic range (like how well you can recover shadows or highlights in images) and image quality than an iPad will give you. Plus, with USB C, it is a breeze to pop out a camera card from something like a Sony camera and plug it into the iPad Pro USB C adapter to download the footage or photos.

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I use my iPad Pro daily for everything from reading, e-mails, blogging, photo editing, research, writing, and more. It handles everything with ease! Will it replace a laptop? No, not for most people but it is getting closer to that now than ever, especially with the new iPadOS that is just amazing!

Sales on iPad Pros

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So, now let’s get to the sales! The first two are refurbished models, but not by Apple. Keep that in mind. However, if you want the 256GB LTE model in the 11″ version, paying $769 isn’t that bad! Of course, you could also go new for $899! This is the exact model I have and I love having a Google Fi data sim in it for data connections anywhere I travel.

iPad Pro 11″

The best value here is either the 64GB model (which is actually a bit lower at times) or the 1TB version at $400 off. This model is also the only one of the 4 to have 6GB of RAM as well. It is also more than enough space for almost anyone!

Cellular models are discounted as well! This is a great way to add a Google Fi data SIM and have fast data coverage around the world for a flat $10 per 1GB!

iPad Pro 12.9″

This has the same display size as the older 12.9” iPad Pro models but they shrunk the bezels to make it quite a bit smaller and lighter.


Is this Amazon trying to clear the shelves before the new iPad Pros land? Maybe, but these machines are still going to be amazing pieces of gear for a long while yet. For anyone looking for the best deals in travel tech like this, I would say the 64GB 12.9″ model or the 1TB of either size are going to be the way to go!

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