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Travel Tech Deal: Get the iPad 128GB Model for $100 Off and the 32GB for Just $249

Written by Charlie

Get the 128GB 9.7″ iPad for $100 off or opt for the 32GB version for just $249. Either way, this is a great travel tech deal for one of the most popular tablets around!

No matter whether you are Android or Apple, tablets have become a huge part of the travel scene. And, iPads do tend to dominate that scene as you walk through airports and see them everywhere. Whether you want one for work or play, they are pretty great devices!

Get the 128GB iPad for $100 Off or the 32GB for Just $249

Link: 128GB iPad 9.7″ | 32GB iPad 9.7″ (affiliate links)

Now, you can (again) get the 32GB iPad with the 9.7″ display for just $249 or the 128GB version for just $329. At $100 off, that is probably the better deal of the two (since Apple does not have expandable storage on their devices).

We have one of these iPads in our home and it does a great job as a source of media consumption as well as drawing with the Apple Pencil. Plus, one of our sons has been using it to edit his GoPro videos and it works pretty well for that as well.

If you match it up with a bluetooth keyboard, you have a really nice, portable system to get some work done with – and without breaking the bank. Normally, this iPad would have been replaced with a new model in March/April but we got the new iPad Air in March. So, I think this one will be sticking around for a while (unless they have some special plans with a new one for their software-focused WWDC next month).

Yes, even though this is the cheapest iPad sold by Apple today, it does work with the Apple Pencil (1st generation). That is a really great tool that opens up some very creative possibilities. However, if you want to get even more into processor intensive work, I would consider stepping up to the new iPad Air or even the new iPad Pro. I have a 11″ iPad Pro that I use for my mobile machine and I absolutely love it!

Travel Tip: The cellular versions are also on sale. These work great with the Google Fi data-SIM cards for data anywhere in the world for just $10 per 1GB!

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