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Travel Tech Deal: Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones – $279 [Bose Refurb]

Written by Charlie

Here is a great deal on the latest and greatest in Bose technology – the Bose 700 noise cancelling headphones. At $279 for refurb by and from Bose, this is a deal!

Bose is churning out some great deals on their refurbished headphones. The latest version, the Bose 700, had not really seen a markdown on refurb before but it is here now – at a big $121 off retail price. If you want the latest and greatest without paying top dollar, this deal is for you!

The Bose 700 for $279

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Link: Bose 700 for $279

First of all, these are manufacturer refurbished headphones by Bose themselves. I have bought a ton of refurb gear in my days and Bose is one of the few companies that I found to be incredible with the gear. Not only is it solid, but the one or two times I had an issue with something, they fixed it or replaced it very fast.

While there are some people that prefer the older Bose QuietComfort 35 II (if that is you, they have them refurb for $199 here!), the Bose 700 represents the latest and greatest move by Bose in the noise cancelling space. They have a slimmer profile and, finally, USB C charging to bring it to the standard that most mid-high end smartphones use, tablets, and even laptops. This means fewer cables to carry while traveling.

Another key upgrade is the customization in the level of noise cancellation you want. This lets you use these headphones for a wider range of activities than just the airplane – especially when you want to let some noise in.

Of course, if you want new, they are on sale for $349 right now – a $50 discount. But, I would definitely feel good about picking up the reburbs and saving $70!

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  • They are available brand new for $299 on Amazon ($349 – $50 AmEx membership rewards point promo). And Verizon has a special for even less.