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This New Travel Tech Will Help You Never Forget Your Valuables on Trips Again

adero for luggage
Written by Charlie

This new piece of travel tech could make sure you never leave your valuables behind again! With a simple push of a button, you can see if your bag has everything it should before you go.

When I am leaving the house or hotel for a trip, I am always checking for a few key things – my passport, wallet, and phone. If the worst happens and I forget everything else, I know I can at least get by with those things! With this new piece of travel tech, it may be easier than ever to make sure you have everything you need, all the time.

Adero – the Key to Never Leaving Anything Behind

Link: Adero Systems

But, sometimes, as travelers, we have other things of value with us as well like cameras, tablets, e-readers, headphones, maybe a journal – things that we really don’t want to leave behind! Thankfully, this new piece of travel tech will help you to see with the push of a button if everything you need is in your bag.

While there are things like Tile that can help you locate your tagged belongings, Adero looks to go beyond that by showing you with the simple push of a button if you have everything you need.

Tag It and Go!

The starter kit, which includes the smart tag (that goes on the outside of your bag – the “button”) and 3 taglets, will cost you $79. This should be enough to tag your most important possessions that go into your bag. From there, you can use the app to label the taglets so that you know which one is attached to which item.

adero for luggage tags

The app will let you know that a certain item is not inside the bag so you don’t have to wonder. Simply push the button and then you can see what is missing if it comes up red. After having raced out of a hotel room last year and leaving something I would have had tagged with something like this, I can definitely see the appeal of this!

adero for luggage

You can spend all the way up to $199 which will give you 5 smart tags and 9 taglets so you can set up a bunch of different bags (briefcase, suitcase, gym bag, etc). These are rechargeable and all kits come with the charger so that you know everything is ready to go.

I like the angle of this product and will be looking forward to trying it out for myself. I think this is definitely a smart way to go with more of our bags carrying more valuable things all the time (even when just carrying a small bag, I may have a lot of money in gear in it!).

What do you think of this product line? Is it something interesting to your or is the price too high?

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