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Travel Deal: 35 AA Miles per Dollar at eBags

35 AA Miles per Dollar
Written by Charlie

This must be the week for huge mile bonuses through shopping portals (last week we saw 16x with United and 12x with AA at Sears). Today, the American Airlines shopping portal has launched a huge bonus of 35 AA miles per dollar at ebags.

35 AA Miles per Dollar at eBags

35 AA Miles per DollareBags is one of the larger online luggage superstores. If you know of a piece of luggage you want, you can probably find it at eBags. There inventory is plentiful so if you are looking for a piece of luggage, you should check them out.

You should especially check them out right now since you can earn 35 American Airline miles per dollar on your purchases through them! That is an incredible deal and one which will probably not last all that long. One thing to be careful for when shopping is that you cannot use any discount codes that are not found on the eBags website. eBags normally has plenty of discount coupons available so be careful to not use those that you find outside of eBags if you want to take advantage of this offer.

To get this deal, go to the AA shopping portal here and enter your AA information to get started.

Being overseas right now makes me cringe when deals like this pop up – I so badly want to buy a ton of luggage through this offer to resell! If you are good at reselling stuff on craigslist and eBay, this is a perfect opportunity for you! Let’s look at some math on this one to see if this could be something that would be useful for you:

35 AA Miles per dollar

  • Purchase something high in resale (like the Tumi Alpha Frequent Traveler – $595) – let’s say 8 = –$4,760 (no shipping and assuming no sales tax)
  • Sell it on eBay or craiglist (eBay normally sees them at an average of $535) = +$4,280
  • Subtract eBay fees – $53.50 per bag = -$428
  • Total cost to you for the sale of products = $908 out of pocket
  • AA miles earned through portal = 166,600 American Airline miles
  • Total cost per mile = 1/2 cent per mile!

That is a fantastic deal for purchasing miles! I was also being a little conservative with my prices as well – if you sell them on craigslist, you stand to see even less out of pocket. So, for the cost of a very cheap USA – Europe roundtrip ticket, you are getting enough miles for: 6+ roundtrip tickets in the US, 4 roundtrip off-peak tickets to Europe, 1 round-trip first class ticket to Asia & 1 round-trip in the US, and many more possibilities! This is a fantastic deal and the sky is really the limit here!

Another plus is that I didn’t take into consideration the miles you would earn on your credit card. For example, a purchase like that would put me 1/6th of the way to 15,000 Delta MQMs on my Delta Reserve card! Or it would give me almost 5,000 Ultimate Reward points on my Chase Sapphire (which is enough for a one-way short-haul ticket using Avios).

That is great for the person who wants to really push it to get a lot of miles. But what if you are not in a position to take advantage of this to that extent? This sale is still a great way to replace your old luggage or get some for gifts. There is a lot of stuff available from just a few dollars ($10 would still get you 350 AA miles!) to much more. Go ahead and browse right now to see what is waiting for you!

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