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Toronto Welcomes Global Entry For Security Lines

Global Entry
Written by Charlie

Global Entry continues to be one of my favorite things that the US government has done in the last several years. 🙂 The ability to fly through immigration and customs and save a ton of time has been extremely valuable to me. In addition to Global Entry getting people into the US faster, it has also become an entrance to the TSA’s expanding Pre Check program that allows a return to pre-9/11 security at the airport – leave laptops in the bags, leave liquids in the bags, leave shoes and jacket on, and get through really quick!

Global Entry

Global EntryOn a recent trip last week, I flew into Toronto for the first time and was curious how the entrance was handled entering the US. I knew we had a small CBP office in Rochester, but I figured that CBP would pre-clear passengers in Toronto for US flights. That was indeed the case. After clearing, immigration and customs with the Global Entry kiosk (thanks again!), I headed over to the security line to get to my connecting flight.

The security line was really long. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my American Express Platinum card (which I read on Mommy Points gives access to the elite line – which was not allowed for Star Gold members). The elite line (which the Amex card gave access to) only allowed users to cut the waiting line – it was not a dedicated security line.

Then I saw the NEXUS line with the small Global Entry logo on the same sign. I went over to it and found that that day was the first day that they were allowing Global Entry members to access the NEXUS line which functions exactly like TSA Pre Check. Perfect! The line was moving very well and I was through very quickly. Thank you, Toronto, for accepting Global Entry for quick security access! It is a nice edition!

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  • Have a flight back from TLV to LAX connecting at YYZ. Just want to confirm that with Global Entry, I can go to the Nexus Line . Do I need to pick up my luggage or will it be transferred all the way to LAX? Also, once clearing at YYZ, will i still have to clear at LAX?

    • You will need to pick up your checked luggage before entering the customs area. After you clear customs/immigration, you will drop your luggage off again. This should all be in Concourse F – if it is, right where you drop your luggage off will be the entrance to the Nexus/Global Entry security line.
      No, once you clear US customs in Toronto, you are set to enter LAX. It will technically be a domestic flight since you have already been cleared into the US. Have a great trip!

  • Hi,
    I’m just wondering, did you have to show your GE receipt from the kiosk or GE card to get into that line? Thanks.

  • will my Global Entry card help with arrival in Paris? Does it help at all in Eurostar? Any help at all with travel in London, Scotland or France?

  • Hi Charles! Hope you are doing well..
    I have just a question about Transfer in Toronto.. I will be flying in September from Frankfurt to New York via YYZ ( all flights with Air Canada ). I have global Entry.
    Do i am able to make the US Pre clearance at the Global Entry Kiosk after leaving the plane?

  • I was just through Toronto security today, and was not allowed to use the Global Entry/Nexus line. They required the GE card, which I have never carried with me, nor have I ever needed to show it. The Global Entry site also specifically says, in its Q&A, that one does NOT need to carry their card with them.

    So…what changed?

    • I just recently flew into (and out of) Toronto and when I went to use the GE line was also stopped and asked for my card. I specifically asked about this, since we’re basically told on enrolling that the cards can only be used at land borders, and was told that the only way they have to verify that people using the line actually are members of Global Entry is by verifying their cards. I suspect they’re also more used to dealing with NEXUS, where the cards are required and usable for entry at the preclearance airports.