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Today’s Daily Getaway For Hertz Can Have Huge Value!

Written by Charlie

Today only, you can lock in enough points to get some great savings on Hertz cars. This includes some great sports cars! But you will have to move fast – these packages are not around long!


So far for this year’s Daily Getaway series, I am 2/2 with the rental car options. For me, these deals are great because my visits to various cities are for a single day and rental car rates for a day can be quite high.

I missed out on this one last year (they went fast!) but hopefully will be able to grab a package this year. If you like renting some serious cars, these packages could give you some huge value! When it comes to renting specialty/luxury cars, Hertz always has some nice options and these discounted point packages can give those to you!

Today’s Daily Getaway For Hertz Can Have Huge Value

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Link: Daily Getaways – Live today at 1PM ET

There are three separate packages available and they are identical to the ones offered last year. The only difference is the base package has gone up $30 from last year. Here is what is being offered:

  • 5,500 Hertz Gold points  – $280 (being marketed as a one week rental for compact – premium class) | 45 available
  • 13,200 Hertz Gold points  – $560 (being marketed as a one week rental for their Prestige Collection) | 35 available
  • 16,500 Hertz Gold points – $698 (being marketed as a one week rental for their Prestige Collection) | 50 available

You must have a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number before you purchase! Click here to register one.

Amazing Cars

Daily Getaway

Not only that, but they have the Shelby GT Mustang. From how it is classified, it is an Adrenaline Collection car that will require 8,250 points for a Standard Award or 16,500 points for an Anytime Award – for a week long rental! Buying the top package for just under $700 would let you rent a car like that for a week (though checking many cities/dates showed it was sold out). That would be a pretty good deal if you are a muscle car person!

Anyway, for my use, having points available for some of the cities I visit on a quick basis would be huge so the entry package should work for me. But, with such small quantities available, I certainly do not think it is a slam dunk.

Extra Notes

The terms do say that the rental must be 5 – 7 days. However, what you are actually purchasing is points and they can be used in anyway you want – which is what other buyers in the past have said as well. I believe they are simply referring to “one week rental” part of the deal to be clear on what they mean by that.

By the way, from looking at their award chart, it appears that they are actually classifying these rental periods according to the anyday award amounts instead of the standard amounts. So, you could get 2 weeks for each category instead of just the 1 week they are talking about, if the availability is there.

I really hope I can snag a package this time around! This will be great for some of our family trips and will complement the other Daily Getaway items I got quite nicely. 🙂 Besides, this is likely my last shot at a Daily Getaway item since tomorrow’s packages are the ones that disappear faster than anything else.

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  • If you use points to book a Hertz rental, is there still a way you can get primary rental car insurance with a credit card like the Sapphire Reserve?