Today Only: Amazon Prime For $72

Amazon Prime is one of those memberships that just keeps on giving. It started with the free shipping but is quite a bit more now. In addition to free two-day shipping (and the overnight shipping for $3.99 – even on big items), Amazon Prime also includes the Kindle Lending Library, Amazon Prime Instant Video (an online video library similar to Netflix), earlier access to Amazon deals, free access to over a million songs, and free unlimited photo storage! In addition, you can share it with 4 family members (at different addresses) who can also take advantage of the free shipping benefits – but no free video, etc.

Amazon Prime Membership Link

Last year, Amazon hiked the price of Amazon Prime from $79 to $99. For people that use anyone of the many Prime benefits, that still is a great price for what it provides. One such case is our family – we are overseas but have a membership because the free shipping gives us great opportunity to get gifts to our many, many family members. It also allows us to take advantage of some of the other features as well.

For today only, Amazon is offering a one-year’s subscription to Amazon Prime for $72 – down from the usual $99! It is only available to new customers so if you were waiting for a chance to try it out for a year, today gives you 27 reasons to do so with the savings.

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  • It is a shame that Amazon won’t allow (mostly loyal) existing members to extend their Prime for a year at this price. [cheap bastards!!] I nearly barfed when the price went up to $99 for my current renewal. That said, Amazon’s Prime remains a fairly good deal for **some** customers. In this case, extremely rural, not TV access (not that I want it!) and many miles to buy some goods via normal channels. If one already knows what one wants, Amazon probably has it and can deliver it reasonably soon. Amazon’s prices are never the best and the Two-Day Shipping is usually a joke as they find endless excuses to change dates, but over a full year’s business, the $72 or $99 fee usually works OK – for me and it also keeps my UPS driver gainfully employed. The author is correct in that the ‘additional benefits’ available with Prime have increased over time, but let’s don’t overstate this: Yes, a lot of movies and TV series are available for streaming. Are they the good ones? Not even close. Many books are available ‘free’ for Kindle users who subscribe to Prime, but are they what you really want to read? Probably not. (Amazon may be a major distributor of books, but the are also the world’s leading distributor of genuine junk literature, material that has never seen an editor’s pen – and it is usually difficult to tell the difference before buying and reading. And lastly, So Help Me God, Amazon continues to rely on the world’s WORST search engine! Even for those with some experience, it is HORRIBLE. As above, if one *already knows **exactly** what product one wants to buy, Amazon (and Prime) may be a reasonable choice.* If one is still doing basic shopping, for God’s sake, please use some of the other options available. The Amazon (and Prime) model works well, but only in perfect, no hiccup situations. The potential buyer who needs more information, has shipping problems or receives bad/used/damaged/opened goods is well advised to prepare for a long and nasty fight: Amazon’s Customer Support functions are difficult to identify, contact and to deal with. IMO, their favorite word is “No,” The Amazon method works well in some situations, but can be a serious mistake in others. Buyer Be Ware!!!