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Time Running Out To Get The JetBlue Amex Card – An Easy $300 In Value

Written by Charlie

The news is coming out now that American Express and JetBlue will be parting ways and that the successor to Amex with JetBlue will probably be Barclays (Bloomberg).

Last year, I wrote that it was a great time to get the JetBlue Amex card just for this reason (see that post – here). Well, now may be just that time to get that card before it is too late!


As far as reward cards go, it is far from the best credit card offer around. In fact, JetBlue’s fixed point values peg the 20,000 point offer worth right around $300. That may not seem like a lot of value to us, but that is because we have been spoiled by the likes of the Chase Ink offers (worth at least $625 and easily more), Amex Platinum offers (worth at least $1,700 for me), and other very strong offers. Even the fixed value offer of the Barclaycard Arrival Plus is worth $400 (plus another $40 from the rebate received from those points). But, $300 is still $300 which is pretty great!

JetBlue American Express Link 20,000 TrueBlue points after spending $1,000 in 90 days – $40 Annual Fee waived the first year (I do not receive a commission for this card)

Why You SHOULD Get It

Here are a few good reasons to get the card now.

It will be gone soon

When it leaves and goes to Barclay (as it is rumored to be doing), you will not be able to get the offer that exists now at all. The upside is that a Barclay offer on the card would likely be much stronger, but the extra 20,000 points you can get now will be gone. Barclay has shown that they can be difficult in regards to some applicants that already have their cards or have had too many credit pulls in a short amount of time. So, it would be good to get it now.

Amex and their once-in-a-lifetime limits

American Express has that not-great policy of only allowing consumers to get one bonus per lifetime per card. That means that you can only receive a bonus once per card from Amex. So, if you make it a habit of applying for credit cards every few months and you, wisely, apply from one from each bank (or so), you may have already been through all the American Express cards. Why not apply for this one in your next application cycle if that is the case?

$300 is $300

Yes, as I said, we do get somewhat jaded when it comes to strong credit card offers but this offer still is giving the recipient $300 worth of points. With JetBlue, that can easily pay for a trip (or two) and you don’t have to wonder if you are getting the best value for your points.

What do you think? Would you apply for this card or not?

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