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This 72-Year Old Man Crossed the Atlantic Ocean – In a Barrel!

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Next time you fly across the Atlantic in coach and think it is a long trip, think about this man’s journey across the Atlantic Ocean in a barrel!

You have likely heard the stories of people who have gone over Niagara Falls in barrels or other similar barrel-related incidents. But, this is on a whole different level. This 72-year old adventurer actually crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a homemade barrel!

This 72-Year Old Man Crossed the Atlantic Ocean – In a Barrel

Link: Mr. Savin’s Blog

On May 2, Jean-Jacques Savin finished a 127 day journey crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a 10 foot long barrel he made himself. While he had previously cross the Atlantic in a sailboat (4 times), this was certainly a totally different endeavor. In fact, to the New York Times, he likened it to “comparing an outing by car with one by foot. You don’t even see the same landscape.”

The distance covered in this amazing journey

He took off from the Canary Islands and finished his journey at the St. Eustatius island in the Caribbean. Onboard, he had packed enough provisions for 3 months but had met up with an American ship, a NOAA ship called the Ronald Brown, on day 62. They apparently had found out about his adventure and talked to his assistant about meeting up to give him supplies.

That had to be a huge boost, not just getting the supplies but to have some kind of human interaction. He did have satellite communication as a way to keep in touch with his assistant and others and this was also how he transferred his noted about the journey for his blog where he kept followers up to date.

That is just an amazing undertaking! I cannot imagine how difficult that must have been, mentally, being at sea in a vessel like that. The New York Times did a Q&A with him and I suggest you read that because it is worth checking out – including what his daily activities were and how he went to the bathroom during the trip.

Featured image from his Facebook page

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