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The Worst Airline Lounge I Have Seen

worst airline lounge
Written by Charlie

Airline lounges can be a nice place to relax and escape from the rest of the airport. But, not all are nice! This is the worst airline lounge that I have ever seen!

I have been in a lot of airline lounges and airport lounges over the years. I enjoy lounges because they give a way to escape the often chaotic airport seating situations and also it is a chance to grab some food and drinks for free. Plus, I can setup and get some work done on some free WiFi. They are pretty good places – some certainly more so than others!

The Worst Airline Lounge I Have Seen

But, the worst airline lounge I have ever seen is one that I have frequented a couple of times now. I have been in some airport lounges that were pretty bad (as in a lounge that is set up as a contract lounge and used for various airlines or for purchase to all customers) but this is the worst airline lounge I have ever been in. To clarify – I am not saying this is the worst one anywhere but the worst airline lounge that have seen.

And the Worst Airline Lounge I Have Seen is…

worst airline lounge

It looks nice – from a distance

This lounge is the British Airways Galleries Lounge in Athens, Greece. Let me say first, the staff has always been friendly and they really are the best part about the lounge.


worst airline lounge

One of the very worn couches

One of the first things you spot when you walk in is the terrible condition of the furniture. I mean, it is terrible! It is worn down so poorly on some of the seats that the covering is completely gone. All of the seats and couches have some wear on them with many being in very poor condition.

Bathroom (lack thereof)

Also, there is no bathroom in this lounge. To use the bathroom, you need to exit the lounge and go just down the hall. This is not singular to this lounge but just one more thing that is a knock against it.


Edit: In fairness to the lounge, I removed the food portion since other customers’ experience of the food was improved from what I had experience during my visits.


The WiFi … yes, of course, the WiFi was pretty bad as well. It would sometimes be up to/over 1 Mbps but a lot of the time I was testing it, it was actually below that. For a “premium” lounge, that is pretty bad!

Contrast to the Airport

To make the lounge condition even more noticeable is the fact that Athens airport is actually a pretty nice airport. There are multiple seating areas around the airport and they are very modern and comfortable. Not only that, but the free internet has very decent speeds – at least better than the BA lounge!


So, why did I stay in there? It was practically empty and the food was still free. 🙂 But, there are other lounges in the airport that are better than this one – even the contract lounges. I realize BA only has a few flights per day out of Athens, but it is still sad that the lounge is in such need of repair and attention with their furniture.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to access lounges and it certainly makes for a better airport experience (especially in what I think is the best business class lounge). It is just that out of all the airline lounges I have been in, this takes the prize for being the worst airline lounge I have seen.

Contract airport lounges, that is a whole other category! I have been in some pretty bad ones with them, but this is the worst airline lounge that I have been in.

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Charlie has been an avid traveler and runner for many years. He has run in marathons around the world for less than it would cost to travel to the next town - all as a result of collecting and using miles and points. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points.
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  • We went to that lounge about 4 years ago and it was new, it had just been renovated. What a shame!

    • It has gone downhill fast in those 4 years! I can’t believe it has been that short of a time, especially not with the more limited traffic it sees.

  • Although bad, nothing compares to the Santa Cruz Bolivia (VVI) lounge. It is the only lounge in this entire (international) airport. It is a small room with two couches (no windows), and if you want any food, you have to order and pay at the kiosk next door. If you are Priority Pass, there is no charge for the food and soft drinks, but you have to sign a voucher (meat empanadas were tasty).

    • For sure! I never see anyone sitting on it. In fact, it is funny watching people walk in, head for the couch, and then veer away!

  • you’ve never traveled to Angola, I’m sure. If so, this would not be your worst lounge choice.

    • You are right – on both counts, I’m sure! I would also expect a European lounge to be better than one there, even this one! 🙂

  • Far better food offering than (most) US domestic lounges, freshly made wraps & sandwiches (Sunflower rolls with salami & feta I had last week for example) along with Greek, Caesar and Tuna salads. Pots of yoghurt with honey & fruit as well as a large range of baclava sweet pastry desserts. This is complemented by a great range of red/white wines, spirits and even a bottle of 7 star Metaxa. They also have a coffee machine for espressos etc..

    YES, the lounge is small and YES the sofas/chairs have seen better days but the worst lounge in the world? PLEASE. I have been in dozens of Admirals clubs worse than this. Also, the bathroom is directly opposite the entrance to the lounge, barely a 10 second walk…

    • Thanks for the perspective! The sweets I have had there were dried out. Maybe my visits coincided with when they were near the end of their freshness but I can only speak of the quality that I had when I have been there. I did mention the bathroom being down the main hall.
      I think it may have affected my viewpoint more because it was a BA lounge. I would expect the condition of the lounge to be like that for contract/airport lounges in some third world locations. I would even not be surprised at more rural domestic lounges. But, that it is a BA lounge for their premium customers, I was probably more surprised as a result.