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The TSA Just Added a Missile Launcher to Its Confiscated Inventory

Written by Charlie

Mark this as one more thing you shouldn’t take on a plane – a missile launcher. A man was stopped at BWI airport after checking a missile launcher into his checked baggage.

I would have thought this would go without saying, but – DON’T TRY TO BRING A MISSILE LAUNCHER ON A PASSENGER AIRCRAFT IN YOUR BAGGAGE – CHECKED OR CARRYON!!! 🙂

The TSA Just Added a Missile Launcher to Its Confiscated Inventory

The missile launcher found in a man’s checked baggage

There, now that we have said it, let’s talk about the man that did try to bring a missile launcher onboard a commercial aircraft in his checked bag!

Here is what we know from the various media stories on the subject:

  • The man is said to have been active military
  • He was stopped after checking his bag in at BWI airport with the missile launcher in it
  • He had brought it back from Kuwait as a “souvenir”
  • He was from Jacksonville, Texas
  • After being questioned, he was allowed to catch his flight (but without the missile launcher)
  • The missile launcher was not live

Here is the statement from TSA.

So, what we can take from what was not mentioned was that he must have returned to the US on a military transport since the only other option to Baltimore from Kuwait (single stop) would have been British Airways – and that lands at night (he was found in the morning with it).

Also, it would seem ludicrous that he would have not been stopped at any other point along the commercial aircraft route with a missile launcher! So, he must have brought it back on a military transport and was now bringing it home to Texas.

TSA actually found the launcher in his bag and then had to notify police to locate the man in the terminal so this was (presumably) after he was already in the secure area and on the way to his gate. Since they questioned him and then let him go in time to make his flight, his story was obviously backed up with the right information and ID to quell any fears that he was trying to cause a security incident.

So, simply take this as a reminder that, as TSA says, military weapons are not permitted in checked or carry-on bags! That means this missile launcher has found a new home in the TSA confiscated inventory lockup until it will be destroyed!

Featured image from Raytheon of the Griffin Missile System

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  • Yeah he needs to be investigated for theft of government property. Then sent back to where his ancestors came from.

    • While TSA certainly makes mistakes, this was not one of them. A close look at the photo even shows that this was not a “cardboard” tube.